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Athleticism is one of the most important physical factors that contribute to

Wonder why more and more men are into yoga these days? In

How many times you have been pointed out for your slouchy posture?

Struggling with tight hamstring?Irrespective of your lifestyle (whether you are an endurance

In the modern world, our lives are filled with hustle and bustle

Belly fat is undoubtedly one of the most annoying as well as

Since yoga is hardcore all body activity, it is extensively used by

Achy back? Probably it’s the lower back of the lumber regions that’s

Have you longed forever to wear your favorite game shirt but dread

Yoga, the most popular form of exercise in the world with over

Well, you know how tricky it could get these days. In a

When you think of basketball players, you probably don’t think of them

Hours pass by and each minute weighs. The night out does not

Due to the increasing awareness nowadays, and the quest for better performance,

Bakasana or the Crow pose a very important yoga pose that clearly

Running. No doubt the most commonly practiced and least expensive way to

Running is awesome!For a very simple reason.Running is convenient.Running is easy.At least

How to build cycling endurance when you have no time.Yes, I know

How to choose a yoga mat? A quite intriguing question not only

When I get hold of this Harvard medical report. I figured out

Before moving to Yoga FAQs let me share something interesting about human

After all, yoga is a lot more than just a workout it’s