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101 Home-based Weight Loss Tips & Ideas

By Ned Taylor

October 9, 2021

Do you know more than 45 million people start (or restart) their Weight Loss journey every year?

What’s most interesting is that they give up within few weeks and regain a few pounds that they actually lost.

Losing weight is a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. You just need to fasten the seat belt and be consistent in your approach.

If you are in the same boat, we are putting together a list of 101 weight loss tips that not only help lose weight but make it fun.

So, are you ready to put a halt to your binge-eating and make some lifestyle changes?

1. Start Consuming Whole Food

Whole Grain Food

Long gone the times when losing weight was about going on the fad diet and starving yourself. These old weight loss techniques wreak havoc on the immune system and induce inflammation. So, to lose weight, switch from processed food items to whole foods because they help burn calories without taking away the important nutrients.

2. Chocolate Is Welcomed

Did someone tell you that eating chocolate will increase your weight? We are sure they did. However, consuming dark chocolate helps remain slimmer because they have inflammation-killing antioxidants. Also, regular consumption of dark chocolate is great to achieve that desired weight!

3. (The Vitamin... I mean) 'Vitamin D'

Be it sunbath or vitamin supplements, vitamin D is crucial, and it helps lose weight. People who regularly consume vitamin D lose more weight and body fats as compared to people who only depend on weight loss exercises.

4. Start Your Day Early

We all know someone who isn’t a morning person, and if you are the same person, it could be a hindrance. People who wake up early are known to have lower BMI (body mass index), so set that alarm to 5 AM rather than 12 PM!

5. Fitness Equipment

With the hectic schedules, it gets challenging to hit the gym every day, and one ends up not exercising at all. So, invest in a yoga mat, weight, treadmill or a recumbent bike for the days when you cannot go to the gym. In simpler words, get the fitness equipment and make exercising the daily ritual.

6. Eat Frequently

We all think that starving ourselves and skipping meals is the secret to zero figure, but that’s only a myth. During your weight loss journey, make sure to eat at least three meals to six meals a day. However, the key is; right food choices and controlled portion size.

7. Make A Routine

If you want to quicken up the weight loss process, it’s important to make a routine and stick to the meal schedule. It actually helps create an eating pattern and eliminate the chances of overeating. Also, don’t skip your meals or munch in between.

8. Smaller Eating Windows 

If you are pushing in the spoonful of cereal when you don’t feel hungry, it’s actually a big no. That’s because reduced eating translates into lower chances of obesity. The best way to achieve it is a time-restricted diet. With this diet, choose an 8 to 11 hours window where you are allowed to eat everything but fast for the remaining hours of the day.

9. Don’t Skip Breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and actually helps set up the eating pattern and provides energy for the day. In fact, if you are regular with breakfast, you won’t munch on other things to treat your hunger.

10. Consume Yogurt 

Don’t make the mistake of gulping down unhealthy and oily stuff for breakfast. For this reason, yogurt is a healthier and more delicious option. In fact, non-fat Greek yogurt is diet-friendly and can help lose some inches on the waist.

11. Eggs

If you are someone who likes eggs but abstained because of “diet,” here is your cue to start consuming them again. For this purpose, add a veggie omelet to your routine to get the nutrients and lose some pounds. Also, if you are worried about cholesterol, make an omelets with egg whites!

12. Wine is Fine

If you like to have a drink from time to time, wine is a suitable choice. Consuming weight on occasional events and in moderate amounts will reduce the chances of obesity. While we are at this, those cocktails are a big no, but occasional wine won’t hurt.

13. Grapefruit Snacking 

We all use lemon zest in recipes, but grapefruit is great for your diet-friendly snacking. Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants, and the juices help lose weight. In addition, it reduces insulin resistance, so you aren’t pushed to snack on something sugary!

14. Full Fat Dairy Products

This must have taken you by surprise but cutting back on full-fat dairy products isn’t always the right choice for your diet. That’s because these dairy products reduce the chances of belly fats (yes, it helps fix that bulging belly!).

15. Strawberries

Strawberries are everyone’s favorite, and they can actually help improve the weight loss process. These berries are a rich source of resveratrol, an antioxidant that enhances dietary efforts. In addition, strawberries help you become more active, so what could be better than strawberries?

16. Watermelon 

When on a diet, always cut some watermelon for yourself and savor the sweetness. Watermelon has a low-calorie count, and 90% water is great for weight loss. Not to forget, even if you eat a lot of watermelons, you won’t have to worry about calories.

17. Ginger

You must have seen YouTube videos where detox water with ginger was named perfect for weight loss. As it turns out, adding ginger to your regular meals will actually help reduce weight. It works great against obesity and insulin resistance, so it’s evident how it’s great for weight loss.

18. Blue Plates

Yes, we are literally asking you to invest in new blue plates. This is because when you eat on a plate of contrasting color, it helps eat less food. In simpler words, if you are eating something with white gravy, eat it on blue plates and watch yourself consume less food.

19. Small Plates 

Eating in bigger plates means more eating, and vice versa. So, purchase small plates, and you will eventually eat less. In simpler words, it’s a great way of reducing the portion size.

20. Wear The Right Outfits 

Working out is important for losing weight but getting the motivation to hit the gym can be impossible. So, if you have to go to the gym, wear the best workout clothes, and it will give you the right push to go work out. In simpler words, dress up in workout attire, and you will eventually end up in the gym!

21. Fruit Popsicles

Dieting isn’t about restricting yourself from the joys of life, which means you don’t have to give up on ice lollies either. So, rather than slurping on sugary popsicles, freeze fresh juice in the popsicle containers and freeze them to make healthy popsicles.

22. Green Tea

Green Tea

We know you like to have espresso shots, but drinking green tea is a great way of meeting the weight loss objectives. Green tea has rich antioxidant properties that not only help lose weight but also helps maintain it.

23. Bed Coffee

When you are trying to lose weight, nothing can be better than having coffee the first thing in the morning. Caffeine in the coffee will stimulate the nervous system, send signals for fat breakdown, and you will lose stubborn fats. But hey, don’t add sugar to the coffee!

24. Curse

Hear us out before you rethink this weight loss tip. So, there are times when one doesn’t feel the energy to work out anymore. In those times, cursing will enhance your strength and power to work out, so why not? (don’t forget to ask people to excuse you).

25. Carbs For Later 

It’s a common belief that consuming carbs later in the day is bad for health, but it’s a great way of reducing the appetite. When the appetite is reduced, you won’t have that box full of macaroons at night, so ain’t carbs good?

26. Take Walks

Everyone knows that walking ten thousand steps a day is healthy, but it’s even more important when you have to lose weight. So, whenever you get time, take a walk. Also, if you can go somewhere without a car, just walk and opt for stairs rather than a lift.

27. No Diet Soda

There is no bigger mistake than diet soda when you are on a diet. Diet sodas are non-caloric, but they can adversely impact one’s health and weight. Moreover, people often struggle with belly fat when they regularly consume diet sodas. So, you know what to do!

28. Higher Water Intakes

Your hydration level directly impacts how much weight you will lose. Make sure that you consume at least two to three liters of water daily. Moreover, if you get sudden hunger pangs, drink water rather than munching on junk food.

29. Start Your Meals With Water

Before you reach out for the spoon and fork, have a glass of water. According to research, consuming two glasses of water before your meal will help reduce weight, and you know how? When your tummy is filled with water, you will eat less!

30. Meditation

Nobody said that exercising is the only way to lose weight because regular meditation also helps. This is because meditation leads to mindfulness, resulting in a healthier body and lower stress levels. As a result, the impulsive eating issues will be eliminated, and you will end up losing weight.

31. Mood Lighting For Dinner

Do you know consuming dinner in warm and mood lighting can reduce the calorie intake by 18%? This is your cue to put on some warm lighting before you start having dinner.

32. Less Salt Intake

Sure, there are no calories in salt, but too much salt intake can reduce one’s ability to lose weight quickly. In particular, more salt intake results in higher obesity rates. That being said, do yourself a savor and start going light on the salt.

33. More Black Pepper

When making a marinade for your steak and burgers, an increased amount of black pepper should be used. That’s because black pepper has obesity and inflammation-killing properties, so you will be able to lose some pounds.

34. Avocado

We haven’t seen a single person who doesn’t like avocados, and it turns out, they are actually healthy. Regular consumption of avocado will result in low BMI, improved diet, and the waist circumference will go down.

35. Prefer Quality

If you want to lose weight and not gain it back, you need to focus on the nutritional profile of the food rather than keeping down the portions. To illustrate, you could eat more vegetables while ditching processed food will work great for losing calories.

36. Zzzz

It’s evident that not sleeping enough can make it challenging to lose weight but sleeping in till noon isn’t great either. People who sleep in till late are likely to add over 250 calories to their daily meals. In addition, late risers are more likely to consume fast food and fewer healthy snacks.

37. Food Porn

food porn for weightloss

If you ever have a craving for something, open your Instagram, and check out the photos of similar food items. According to research, watching food pictures actually reduces one’s cravings (it could be a way to maintain willpower and stand your ground).

38. Sleep Tight

When you are trying to shed those extra pounds, try to sleep in cooler rooms. To illustrate, ten hours of sleep in a 66-degrees temperature will improve the metabolism, and weight loss capacity will improve

39. Natural Light, Please!

If you are living in an area where the sun shines bright, take advantage of the natural light. A ten to fifteen minutes daytime walk will improve your chances of losing fats.

40. No Beer

We all know someone who loves to drink beer, but it’s an actual nightmare for people who are trying to lose weight. This is because beer has higher carbs and cholesterol content which makes it difficult to lose weight. In various cases, you might even end up gaining weight!

41. Chili Peppers

Bring some spice and heat to your kitchen and watch your weight go down. For this purpose, capsaicin in chili peppers increases one’s ability to break down fats. In addition, when the food is spicy, people are highly likely to eat less, so it’s an effective way of reducing the portion size.

42. Apples

An apple a day might keep the doctor away but consuming an apple before every meal will increase your ability to lose weight. In fact, you should eat a red apple and watch your belly fat going down like magic.

43. Say Your Affirmations 

Rather than getting frustrated about not being able to lose weight, start appreciating yourself. When you are positive, it will actually make you more motivated. In simpler words, tell yourself that you are doing a good job!

44. MCT Oil

When it comes down to shedding stubborn fats, add two drops of MCT oil to your morning coffee, and it will improve the weight loss experience. If you aren’t a coffee person, you can also add MCT oil to your smoothies.

45. Declutter

Keeping the home organized can directly influence your ability to consume healthier food options. In simpler words, a cluttered space frustrates people, and they end up ordering the cheesy pizza (yes, it’s an actual link). So, organize and declutter your home, and your eating habits will improve exponentially.

46. Desserts, But For Breakfast 

Who said you’ve to leave desserts for losing weight? However, during your weight loss journey, start eating dessert for breakfast. This is because dessert’s immense calories can be easily lost throughout the day, so what’s the harm?

47. Ditch Carbs

When you are trying to achieve a slim waist, make sure you bid farewell to white carbs, such as white bread. White carbs can result in excessive belly fat, so it’s best to switch to fiber-rich or multi-grain bread.

48. What’s Your Motivation?

It’s okay to feel lazy while losing weight, but the key is to remember why you started. So, when you have a bad diet day, remember why you started losing weight in the first place and watch your motivation go from zero to a hundred.

49. No Pre-Prepared Food 

Taking out frozen food from the fridge and just heating it sounds convenient, but pre-prepared food are bad for your diet. These food items can increase your obesity rate, and the belly fats will keep piling up.

50. Cloves 

Adding some spices to your meals is a great way of slimming down. For this reason, add a few cloves to your meal which will enhance spices and flavors. As a result, you will be able to fight obesity since it’s great at reducing inflammation.

51. Use Your Mirror 

If you are someone who eats along, sit in front of the mirror and start eating. This is because the food seems less flavorful when you are eating while sitting in front of the mirror, so you eat less.

52. Lemon Water

Nope, we aren’t talking about lemonade – we are just asking you to add a slice of lemon to your glass of water, and it will improve the weight loss. A lemon slice will add extra vitamin C to the diet, which cleanses the free radicals, strengthen immunity, and lose weight.

53. Slow Eating 

Gulping down food quickly isn’t great for losing weight. However, slow eating is a great way of reducing weight. In particular, slow eating reduces the BMI that will eventually reduce the waist circumference.

54. Nuts For Munching 


Sure, nuts have higher fat content, but they are still important for your balanced diet. So, rather than munching on sweet snacks, opt for nuts as they reduce the chances of obesity and help deal with type-2 diabetes.

55. Spinach Extract 

We all know how Popeye got all his energy from spinach, and adding spinach extract to your smoothies will work the same. In fact, it improves energy levels while reducing weight, so it’s a win-win!

56. Early Lunch

Digging into your lunch box an hour or two before lunch time is great for reducing the waist. According to experts, you should eat lunch before 3:00 PM is better for your diet and actually quickens the weight loss!

57. Turmeric Latte 

We know this might not sound so appealing but adding turmeric to your regular latte is suitable for reducing inflammation in your body. So, sprinkle some turmeric on your latte or make yourself smoothie with a pinch of turmeric.

58. Soft Music During Meals 

While you enjoy delicious diet-friendly meat, don’t forget to put on soft music. In particular, you should opt for calm music as it’s likely to reduce calorie intake. Keep in mind that music should be slow and calm rather than loud and pop music.

59. More Vitamin C 

We have already mentioned that grapefruit helps improve the weight loss process but increasing your overall vitamin C intake is great at helping achieve a slim body. In addition, regular vitamin C intake promises reduced waist size and lower BMI.

60. No Snacks After Dinner 

As soon as you are done eating your dinner, lock the kitchen and don’t look back. If you are someone who keeps snacks on their bedside table, lock that drawer as well because snacking after dinner is the biggest hindrance in losing weight. In simpler words, you mustn’t eat anything before going to sleep.

61. Workout Before Your Meals 

Everyone loves a pre-workout snack, but it’s not the right approach. Instead, you should work out before eating because if you eat before a workout, losing weight will become extremely challenging.

62. HiiT

HIIT for weight loss

When it comes down to weight loss, patience isn’t always the solution. On the other hand, you should opt for high-intensity interval training because it helps shed fats. In simpler words, you should switch to hard yet short workouts as they improve insulin sensitivity, and your weight loss journey will be much more efficient.

63. Weight Training

Weight training is known to help people gain weight, but it’s equally great for slimming down. This is because adding weight training to your workout routines will improve the metabolism, and weight loss will be cranked up.

64. Workout With Friends

Working out alone can be challenging and demotivating. As a result, people end up ditching the gym, which makes it hard to lose pounds. So, if you have a friend who works out, start going to the gym with them (it also increase the competition, leading to higher motivation).

65. Personal Training Sessions 

For people who want to improve their workout outcomes, opt for personal training sessions. These training sessions will improve the workout. If you are worried about expensive memberships, you might get a new membership discount, so just ask around.

66. Swimming 

There could be nothing better than swimming when you are trying to lose weight. Do you know one hour of swimming can help lose up to five hundred calories? So, grab your swimsuit today, guys!

67.  Pool In With Your Partner 

Do you know couples are better at losing weight when they do it together? If you are mingling or married, ask your partner to indulge in diet with you and watch serious weight loss happening.

68. No TV

It’s needless to say that binge-watching is bad for weight loss which is why it’s important to switch off the TV at the right time. Even if you’ve watched something on TV, grab nuts rather than popcorn.

69. No Commercials

If you are someone who cannot ditch the TV, it is a must that you skip the commercials. This is because the commercials might be food-based, and it will increase your appetite. So, cut down the commercials.

70. No Chewing Gums

Everyone has heard about chewing gums to get a sharp jawline, but it can increase food cravings. For this reason, you shouldn’t chew gums (you can get fruits!).

71. Yoga

We have already pointed out that meditation is important in the weight loss journey, and yoga is equally important. Yoga is a great way of promoting healthy eating and increases muscle toning.

72.  Note Down The Goals

Lasing motivating during weight loss is quite easy, especially when the progress is slow. However, you can write down the smaller goals and keep ticking them off to remain motivated.

73.  Food Dairy

If you are a fan of journaling, keeping the food diary helps reflect on what you are consuming. This is because it helps keep track of the meals, which helps limit consumption.

74.  Reduced Meat Intake 

Adding proteins into your diet is suitable for losing weight, but meat-rich recipes aren’t great either. It is suggested that you cut back on the meat intake and try to consume proteins from beans and veggies.

75.  Online Help

People are often demotivated to work out, but online weight loss meetings can help people prepare for the weight loss journey. In addition, regular online meetings help reflect on weight loss, discuss the problems and second thoughts, and push you to do more.

76.  Acknowledge The Underlying Issues 

People with emotional issues are highly likely to have negative and unhealthy eating habits. So, if you are having a hard time losing weight, sit down and see if there are underlying issues. In simpler words, check if you are likely to eat more when you are feeling a certain way (hurting, depressed, or angry).

77.  Selfies

Everyone loves to have the best body, and selfies are a great motivator. For this purpose, make selfies a daily ritual, and it will help remain consistent with your journey.

78.  Apple Peels 

In the majority of cases, people consume apples after peeling off the skin but eating the peel will boost the weight loss process. Consuming apple peels will help break down fats and mass. So, rather than peeling away the skin, just wash it properly.

79.  Picture Your Success 

There is nothing wrong with imagining and picturing weight loss goals. In fact, when you imagine how you will look when you achieve your fitness goals, you will be extremely motivated. As a result, the weight burning will be improved.

80.  Weigh Yourself Regularly 

It can be scary to check out the weight number on the scale, but regular checking your weight helps you lose weight in the longer run. It’s been seen that people who weigh themselves daily are highly likely to lose more fats and weight.

81.  Small & Practical Goals 

Sure, you could make a goal of losing five pounds in ten days, but it’s not practical, and you will end up feeling frustrated. Instead, you should set small and practical goals so you are comfortable and are actually attaining the goals.

82.  Probiotics 

When you are losing weight, it’s important to get your body in shape. For this reason, you should make probiotics an essential part of your daily routine.

83.  No Smoking 

There are people who think that nicotine will boost metabolism and curb appetite, but it’s not true. For this purpose, you should bid farewell to smoking, and it will enhance metabolic performance.

84.  Acknowledge Your Negative Feelings 

It’s alright to not feel happy about your weight loss journey, and do you know it can adversely impact the weight loss experience? So, rather than suppressing the negative feelings and letting them eat you up, accept the negative feelings and try to feel better. In addition, keep in mind that negative feelings can trigger food cravings.

85.  Don’t Feel Guilty 

There are people who associate their guilt feelings with food. In simpler words, people munch unnecessarily when they feel guilty. So, try not to give in to guilt and always snack on healthier snacks.

86. Fresh Pears

Apples are great, but fresh pears are a rich source of fiber. Since we have already mentioned the pros of eating fibrous foods, biting on fresh pears is great for your weight loss journey.

87. Brush Your Teeth Multiple Times 

If you want to signal your brain that eating time has ended, brush your teeth with minty toothpaste. So, start brushing your teeth more than once or twice.

88. Make Group With Like-Minded People 

If you are motivated and eager to achieve a slim waist, make friends with like-minded people or people who are also trying to lose weight. For this purpose, you can also join weight loss groups o Facebook to share your story and get more help. It’s a great motivator and will fasten the weight loss experience!

89.  Clench Those Muscles 

It can be hard to say no to your favorite food, but clenching muscles is a great way of fighting temptation. In simpler words, whisper, “not today,” whenever you see your favorite food item!

90.  No Barbecue Sauce 

We all love our ribs and burgers with juicy sauces, and these BBQ sauces can be extremely bad for losing weight. This is because BBQ sauce has sweet ingredients, which increase the calorie intake. So, switch to whole grain buns and veggie sides rather than seasoning burgers and ribs with BBQ sauce.

91.  No Trans-Fats 

Trans-fats are loaded with calories and can slow down the weight loss experience. For this reason, you need to stop consuming trans-fats. Some of the food items that you need to cut back include bakery items, coffee creamers, popcorns, fried fruits, and vegetable oils.

92.  De-Stress 

stress for weight loss

If you are already following everything and working out regularly, but the weight isn’t going down, you need to reduce your stress levels. Keep in mind that if you are more stressed, it will increase obesity.

More on how to reduce stress at : 7 Useful Yoga Poses To Reduce Stress

93. Cycling

When it comes to weight loss, cycling is one of the best activities one can opt for. why? Because cycling hits your weight loss goals at so many level levels that it is almost no brainer to skip.

  • Even at a very moderate pace, it burns over 400 calories per hour.
  • It is great for muscle strength. means less fat buildup
  • It is great for boosting metabolism, means fewer calories buildup
  • Like other aerobic exercises, it even burns calories after you are done with the session.

94. Glucomannan Supplements 

Glucomannan is a fiber that absorbs water and resides in the gut. Taking these supplements will make you feel fuller, so you consume less food.

95. Consume Spicy Food 

This is particularly effective for people with a low tolerance for spices. Such people will consume less food when the food is spicy, which means they will eat less, hence the weight loss.

96. Rethink The Noodles 

Do you know we are likely to consume around 15 pounds of pasta every year? And do you know there are no proteins and fibers in these white noodles? Keep in mind that fibers and proteins are essential for weight loss. So, get the veggie noodles for the right nutrients!

97. Make Grocery List 

We all have thought that writing the grocery list is a waste of time, but it could be your key to improve the weight loss experience. This is because writing the grocery list and sticking to it will ensure that you purchase healthier food options and walk away from the tempting yet unhealthy treats.

98. Wild Salmon 

Enriched with flattening proteins and omega-3, wild salmon is the ultimate seafood to get healthy yet lean. However, the catch is to find wild salmon because farmed salmon will do more harm than good. So, wild salmon, guys!

99. Plant-Based Smoothie 

We all have seen Kylie Jenner enjoying green smoothies, and have you seen her figure? Well, it turns out that plant-based smoothies are great for weight loss and are equally delicious. Also, to blend the greens, use coconut water.

100. No Added Sugar 

If you are on a weight loss journey and aren’t cutting backing on added sugar, it’s the worst mistake you can make. Sugar can result in higher chances of obesity. So, stop consuming added sugar and always check the food labels for sugar.

101. Open-Faced Sandwiches 

When on a diet, a two-bread sandwich is not a very wise choice. So, use one whole-grain bread slice and top it with the desired (but healthy) ingredient. It will easily kick off 100 calories from your plate, and that’s worth ditching one slice of bread.

that's all folks,

thanks for making it till here.

I hope that this list will make your weight loss journey a bit easier. However, if you have any other tips and ideas through which you can lose weight passively I would love to know.

please do share it with us in the comments below.

Take good care of yourself,

and C.Ya

Ned Taylor

About the author

Hey there, my name is Ned and I am on a mission to provide you health and fitness advice that are rational (i.e. back by scientific evidence) and sustainable ( means practical enough to be incorporated in normal people's routines with busy lives).

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