Revealed... The ultimate guide to do yoga and make sure that you get the most Out of your yoga workout.

Why Ultimate Yoga Assessment guide™ is the only guide You Need.

If you are planning to give yoga a try or already doing yoga with the help of some guide/eBook, you would have realized or soon you will that most of these guides are not good enough. (And I can bet on it)

The problem with these types of manuals is that they seem quite practical as long as you don’t start to follow them.

The moment you jump on your yoga mat and set such manual in front of you, you realize there is a lot more required to do yoga on your own.

And I know it exactly because it has happened to me more than once.

Such manuals will never work for you for a very straightforward reason. That is, you are new to yoga like 99% other readers of such material.

And for starters giving just basic description is not enough.


Good book for beginner yoga. Excellent writing. Well researched and interesting. I have started doing the poses and I am already seeing a personal difference. I recommend the reading, and the yoga practice for anyone.

Jasper McMorran / Arizona, US.

I just started yoga a few months ago and this book has been a great reference to review all the poses I have learned. I got it spiral bound at Staples for around $6, which really helped being able to use it while practicing!

Tayla Hordern / Florida, US.

This book is excellent for a number of reasons. The detailed descriptions of how to do the postures are wonderful. There are excellent hints for progressing through difficult postures, really understands how the different poses affect the physical body and imparts this knowledge clearly and eloquently.

Marcus Rickards / Germany.

How Ultimate Yoga Assessment Guide™ is so different

And why I am making such a claim?

Because in early days of my yoga journey I had to face the same sort of problems repeatedly.

All I wanted is one good enough yoga guide which I can actually follow and could cater all my queries which newbie usually have.

And I ended up buying a guides over another. Now have hundreds of yoga books (273 to be exact) and if you want to read am more then happy to share it with you for free.

All of such yoga books can easily be divided into two types;

Type A: 

The books which give you general information about yoga, like about its history, origin, intervention, famous yogis and blah blah..

All good information and some are good to read, but they all lack actionable steps that how to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle, How to do it and most important from where to begin

Type B:

Second types of books are sort of manuals which give you list of poses with image and guidelines to follow. In my opinion Instead of motivating such manuals actually discourages you from doing yoga.

And gives you series of setbacks and you end up blaming yourself for not being good enough or disciplined enough.

Yoga limitations

First Setback

I bet until and unless you are super flexible and ultimate fit you won’t be able to follow even 50% of the guidelines stated in such manuals.

That is the first setback the yoga enthusiasts get.

yoga  limitation 2

Second Setback

Obviously, no one can be perfect on the very first day of practice, especially in yoga. You need to work on your limitations and till then have to work with modifications.

Which by the way are missing in most of such yoga books and that is the second set back you get.

yoga limitation 3

Third Setback

You started your practice with modifications as such limitations can gradually be overcome….

But how?

Not on their own. What if you are doing something fundamentally wrong at first place. To get rid of those limitations you need to work on them by focusing on specific movements, positions and talk to your body.

This is the third set back, as such information is not available in any yoga guides I have come across.

Which means you like yoga, and you want it to become a part of your lifestyle, but you don’t know where you stand and where you want to go.

yoga limitation 3

Forth Setback

And lastly the biggest blow.

You are new to yoga, and you have performed first few sessions of yoga rightly or wrongly—you are not sure about it.

How would you assess the quality of your workout?

  • Yoga is not cardio which may give you a sense of relief by the amount of sweat or higher pulse rate.
  • Yoga is not weight training in which you get a moment of joy by the stiffness of your muscles.
  • It's not flexibility training which will make you do a leg-split and turn you into Wesley Snipes.

    You will almost remain the same as you were before the workout.

And if not done right, chances are you will remain the same for a loooooooooooooooooong time.

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Ultimate Yoga 
Assessment Guide™

Because it is designed focusing on beginners and the problems they faced by following any other yoga guides.

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If you are at the 'give up' point in your yoga practice because your body will not respond, READ THIS BOOK!

Helen Winfield / U.K.


I am so grateful I found this book when I did! I hit a plateau in my yoga practice and was unable to move past some simple poses. Doing just a few techniques in the book, I have broken through my plateau and I no longer see restrictions, only possibilities.

Sfiyah Mustafa / Oman.


A thoughtful organization and presentation of Yoga. You can get a feel for the author's experience by his detailed instructions and observations. For a long time, I struggled with having to keep a Yoga book open while reading and practicing from it!

Irene Gagne / France.

why yoga don't provide results for so many people

Well to this point we all have reached to conclusion that yoga is the best form of workout for our overall well being.


Just give me an example of any other form of workout that works on your;

  • check
  • check
  • check
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Muscle strength
  • check
    Muscle growth
  • check
    Stimulate internal organs
  • check
  • check
    Fights depression and anxiety
  • check
    Reduces stress
  • check
    Reduces the chances of injury
  • check
    Burns Fat
  • check
    Uplifts your mood
  • check
    And much more...


Like any other form of workout– yoga also has a significant dropout rate.

Ironically it is not because of the strictness of the plan, intensity or the muscle fatigue caused due to it.

It is because of the lack of belief which usually struck in first few day of the practice.

And user usually starts doubting too many things about themselves and yoga as a whole.

The pattern of these self-doubts is soooo typical.

* It seems so easy does it actually work?

* Am I doing it right?

* How can the balancing myself on hands boost my testosterone?

* Am I not flexible enough to do it right?

* Maybe it isn’t for me?

And there you go...

Well. In thousand if not millions of such scenarios the issue is not yoga, nor you or your self-doubts.

Yoga Guidance

It’s all about getting proper guidance.

Yoga Guidance

A checklist to gauge yourself  and assures that you are going in the right direction.

I know exactly how frustrating the overall experience is, as I have been a victim of all this for a very long time.

Until I sorted out a system for myself.

And it was so comprehensive that I couldn’t find anything better.

Get instant access to
Ultimate Yoga
Assessment Guide™

Because it not only guides you to how to do yoga, but to do better yoga.


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$10.00 (Instead Of $27.95)

What our customers are saying:

"Great beginner book...

"Great beginner book. I downloaded this book and was happily surprised that by trying these simple poses I have been able to stretch and improve at home."

Richard Thompkins / Belgium.  

easy to understand theory about what you should do and why...

"I was expecting to find ten poses with some description, but this book is far more than that. It contains relaxing exercises and the easy to understand theory about what you should do and why. The poses are simple so that everyone can do them."

Seth Nemarluk  / Sydney, Australia. 

This is a great book for the yoga wannabee beginner...

This is a great book for the yoga wannabee beginner. This book is very helpful for bringing relaxation into your life.

Jie Tang / Singapore. 

really makes it simple for beginners to get started...

This book was great!!! Ned really makes it simple for beginners to get started and feel the benefits of yoga.

Daniel Austin / Perth, Australia.

Main Highlights



10+ Sequences.

To give our readers clear objectives, we have researched to find out what are the challenges that average people face in there normal life.

Then based on specific benefits of each pose we have designed specific sequences for the people to follow and get desired results.


  • Best sequence for better digestion
  • Better productivity
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Better sex and so forth.


50+ yoga poses

To make those sequence your clear objective and more actionable. We provided a manual of 50+ most frequent easy to medium level yoga poses. ​

And to make them more clear and follow-able we divided these this section into 3 parts;

Brief intro about the poses
Which muscle group it targets and what benefits you may attain by performing a particular pose.

The best(most specific and clear images) we may get hold of to elaborate the pose.

Simple and clear steps to follow to get into any given yoga pose.




Like it is said earlier, no one can follow more the 50% of the directions of any yoga pose in first few attempts for two very simple reasons.

And beginners do need some extra guidance, not only to perform the poses but also to save themselves from the probable risk of injury.

And to cater this issue, we have incorporated a section which gives such details to beginners to pursue their practice without any breaks.




The fourth and main highlight of this guide is the assessment scale.

The main central idea behind this book.

The problem why beginners find any other yoga guide so ineffective is that by following them they developed a feeling of getting stuck sooner or later. In easy terms are not progressing and they do not know where to move forward

They have no idea if they are doing it right or not within their limitations

This the most researched and most thoughtful section of the book in which we have gathered the key performance indicators for every yoga pose.


Once the user gets into the pose they just have to focus on meeting the listed requirements. If you can't meet all of them doesn’t matter try to meet one.

Even if you can't meet one it doesn't matter either just continue your practices now at least you must be knowing the way forward.

Once you meet all the KPIs....... well, congrats! ….you nailed it.

Everything You Need is Included.

Take a peek inside...

The Best Time to Start Doing yoga is Now!

And this is the best guide to do it with.

So do not wait, take the required step to get the best of yourself


today for discounted price of

$10.00 (Instead Of $27.95)


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I got this for my Husband for Christmas. Concise and to the point exactly what he needs to get into practice.

Sandra Loggia / Brazil.


A true practice manual as intended. The layout, the photographs ……. If you are familiar with Yoga and wish to stay inspired about your practice, this book will help you very much

Vinicius Almeida / L.A, USA.


Very well written, the pics are great and the descriptions simple, yet complete and clear. Really worth it.

Michael Wolfson /Greece.




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For us, the number of units sold is just a measure to gauge the total number of appreciations we receive by delivering this value. 

For the same reason, if you don’t find this E-book worthy enough, you get your money back. Plain and simple, and no questions asked.


The Best Time to Start Doing YOGA is Now!

The only guide available which helps you to asses your yoga sessions and makes you progress.


today for  discounted price of

$10.00 (Instead Of $27.95)


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