Let all of us admit, we all are over the 30s. The Beckham the Jordan and the Sampras we have grown up with are all retired from their professions. By this age Bill Gates was on the Forbes list of the world wealthiest people, Steve Jobs had already founded Apple. Richard Branson had launched his own airline.

And not only this, most of our beloved action heroes had made their debut. In the meanwhile, most of us have only managed to build our man boobs and belly fat.

I accept we are not one of them, We believe we can't be one of them.

Yes, we have our own priorities. We have some more serious, more realistic more rational things to do.

Yes, now we have a family to take care of, kids to look after, bills to pay.

We are the providers and the protector; we must have savings for our kid's college.

We should excel in our jobs whether we choose it or not that's the path we have to follow.

But do we love our selves now? Does anything excite us anymore? Are we happy with ourselves? Yes, no or we are not sure.

Does u think your day passes much quicker than it used to be?

Doing any physical activity your priority is to conserve the most possible energy?

Are your preferences getting more monotonous?

If the answer to the above questions is yes (at least of two) then I am afraid you are not living your life you are consuming it.

And you know the difference because you have lived it once upon a time.

The fact is, this change in attitude is not due to external circumstances. It is because of our own choices (intentional or unintentional), our beliefs (intentional or unintentional) and our own perceptions (intentional or unintentional).

The worst part is, it is not helping us in any case. Every day you are churning the hamster wheel faster than yesterday with the hope that one fine day it will break by itself.

So now is the time to move up and get-go! All we need to do is fine-tune some of our choices, believes and perceptions. To be the healthiest, happiest, fittest and smartest of ourselves.

Because you owe it yourself, your children and your upcoming grandchildren. And let’s create thousands of stories for them to inspire. After all, you are their Beckham, their Jordan, their Sampras, their Man of Steel.

To be exact their Daddy of Steel.