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The recumbent bikes have become a prime choice for people who struggle with back issues because these bikes are famous for a comfortable workout. However, the availability of hundreds and thousands of recumbent bikes makes it difficult to choose the right one. For this purpose, we are sharing the review of the Schwinn A20 recumbent bike because it has become an absolute star!

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For recumbent bikes, quality and performance should be the ultimate priorities. And the Schwinn A20 recumbent bike comes with as good of a quality as it comes. The bike is designed to offer a comfortable workout experience, along with legwork. The handgrips are designed with heartrate monitor sensors, so keeping track of heart rate will be easier. There is a built-in fan in this recumbent bike for a cooling workout.

Also, there are transport wheels integrated into the recumbent bikes that lead to easier mobility. We love the integration of the water bottle holder, so you can stay hydrated while working out. All in all, it’s great for regular and low-intensity workouts. Now, before we dive into the in-depth details, let’s see some of the technical specifications of the bike.


  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Bike’s Weight :76 pounds
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Resistance Levels: 8 (Magnetic)

Notable Features

Sturdiness & Construction

To begin with, this recumbent bike is designed with an incredibly durable steel frame and will last a long time. There are wide stabilizer bars that help stabilize the bike during intense workouts. The stabilizer is designed with end caps, known as levelers which means they can be turned around for balancing out (it makes it great for uneven floors). Also, there will be no rocking issues while exercising with Schwinn A20.

The recumbent bike is designed with a three-year warranty for the frame, hence better durability standards. The length is great and will be suitable for people with different heights. The bike has been proven great for regular usage for people of all ages including seniors. The recumbent bike has an adjustable seat (it can be moved forward and backward). Besides, the upward angle helps enhance the comfort factor. The seat has a knob beneath it, so you can optimize the position of the seat as per your liking.

The seat is designed with cushioning (there is no contouring) for a comfortable experience. However, you can always add a cushion on top, in case it’s not thick enough for you. The recumbent bike comes with a step-up design with which users need to get on to sit on the seat (it’s easy). There is an angled backrest that promises support and comfort for your lower back. The backrest is adjusted with a seat but it doesn’t have a separate adjustment.


First things first, this recumbent bike is designed with eight resistance levels and all of them are displayed on the console. In addition, the trainees can control the resistance on the console. There are various magnet bands near the flywheel. As a result, the resistance is increased but it can be decreased as well. As far as choosing the resistance level is concerned, the users can manually choose the resistance level on the console.

On the contrary, if you are using the preset workout program, the resistance levels will be set automatically. With the preset programs, the users can manually change the resistance (make it harder or easier) through the up and down buttons. It’s safe to say that this recumbent bike will offer sufficient resistance to ensure a promising workout. When it comes down to the transition between different resistance levels, it’s pretty smooth. Generally, it doesn’t have a noisy operation!


There is a belt and perimeter weighted flywheel in this recumbent bike that promises noiseless, smooth, and free flowing cycling motion. These are protected through shrouding, so your kids or pets don’t harm the parts. When using the low resistance level, the pedaling will be smooth since a weighted flywheel helps keep the pedals going. On the other hand, there is a bit of pulsing with a higher resistance level. As for pedals, there are oversized pedals with a single crank, hence the strong pedaling platform.

Also, there textured pedals with plastic or rubber straps, so your feet don’t slip away during motion. However, the straps are not easy to adjust (the size holes are hard but they will soften with time). You would definitely be in awe of the comfort provided by this recumbent bike because it promises quiet operation. There will be slight vibration during workouts, but you can add the exercise mat beneath the recumbent bike, hence no noises or vibrations whatsoever.


This recumbent bike is designed with six preset programs and a quick start feature. The console is designed to measure speed, time, distance, calories, RPM, heart rate, and resistance levels. Once you complete the workout, the console will display the fitness stats. This console works with 4 D-sized batteries and but it can also be powered with an AC power adaptor. The top of the console has a display screen that can be easily seen in strong light.

We find it disappointing that there is no backlight in the console, so visibility will be difficult in low/dim light conditions. The display’s top section will show the workout name while the next section will share visual stats. Also, the flashing bar helps provide information about the workout interval. The console has buttons under the display for better console control. In addition, these buttons can be used to choose the resistance levels, workout, or change the settings.

Other Notable Features

  • Heartrate monitoring in handlebars
  • Quick-start program
  • Built-in fitness programs
  • Smartphone and tablet holder

A20 Recumbent Bike Review

Schwinn A20 recumbent bike is loaded with features without compromising on affordability. For instance, the built-in speakers help add rhythm to the workout routines. With this section, we are sharing our stance on this exercise bike, such as;


For workout enthusiasts who want to stay active and perform regular workouts, this recumbent bike is a promising option. The sound system will add rhythm to the workout and the construction is high-end. The frame is stable while LCD helps keep track of fitness features and regime. The only point of concern is that pedals could be better and the warranty is only for three years. We love the availability of six profile programs.

There is a quick-start option in this recumbent bike with which you can start pedaling and customize the resistance as you like. The recumbent bike offers heart rate monitoring through hand pulse sensors on the seat’s side. However, this can adversely influence the accuracy of heart rate monitoring but you can opt for the heart rate strap. As far as the size and design are concerned, it uses lesser floor space since it has a compact design.


In addition, the bike is designed with transport wheels for easier mobility (the wheels are available on the front side). When you purchase this recumbent bike, it will be delivered partially assembled and assembly won’t take more than an hour. The best part is that the bike is delivered with the necessary tools needed for assembly. For the people concerned about accessories, there is a water bottle holder in this recumbent bike (staying hydrated is important).


There is a media shelf or a console shelf on the Schwinn A20 recumbent bikes, so you can keep the smartphone or tablet handy. There are built-in speakers that have okay-ish sound quality.


Adjustability is always a ley aspect for recumbent bikes, because it ensures that the bike can be used for people of different heights, and the Schwinn A20 does offer great adjustability. There are levelers that ensure zero rockings (yes, even if the floor is uneven). The low-impact workout available through this recumbent bike promises ease for people with joint issues.

In a Nutshell

Overall Score


  • Multiple fitness programs
  • Stable and durable frame
  • Promising quality
  • USB and MP3 port


  • Limited warranty
  • Pedals aren’t effective

The Final Verdict

Truth be told, this recumbent bike is great for entry-level people or beginners who want to lose weight or simply want to become active. The comfortable seat directly leads to a better workout experience while the angled backrest promises better lumbar support. We love how the peddling is smooth. The only concerning parts are the speakers and the unavailability of the power sources!

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