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For people who want a promising workout and fitness experience but don’t want to invest in expensive fitness equipment, the recumbent bike is a great choice. The recumbent bike is suitable for personal usage without being too intense on the body. And when it comes to superior fitness equipment that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Nautilus R618 recumbent bike is surely right at the top. Let’s review this amazing bike and see what it has to offer

Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike




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A recumbent bike is an ergonomic bike with handlebars that promises better control over fitness. Nautilus is the reliable brand choice for everyone who wants a recumbent bike. The company is known for some high-quality bikes, masterly design to maximize comfort for users. The Nautilus R618 recumbent bike is one of the bestselling recumbent bikes by the company. To begin with, the bike is designed with an extensive warranty for the frame as well as parts, which’s a huge plus for first-time buyers who doesn’t know much about the build and quality of recumbent bikes...

The R618 recumbent bike is infused with a media tray that helps hold the tablet or smartphone. Also, Bluetooth connectivity promises smart connection availability to speakers.


  • Weight Capacity: 325 lbs
  • Bike’s Weight : 90 pounds
  • Power Source: Battery 110v
  • Resistance Levels: 32 EMS

Notable Features


First of all, this recumbent bike is great for people interested in intense workout and cardio exercises for professionals, as well as, for beginners. This recumbent bike may be used by multiple users simultaneously since there are four user profiles in the recumbent bike. Also, the users can save the fitness information. Even if you are not regular with workouts, the R618 bike comes with adequate back support with a gel seat for a relaxing and comfortable experience. Also, for professionals, the bike comes with challenging workout programs for intense workout sessions.

Construction & Build Quality

To begin with, some people might find this frame heavier as compared to other Nautilus recumbent bikes. Nautilus R618 recumbent bike has a one-piece construction made from steel tubing. However, the weight is optimal enough for convenient relocation. There are two transport wheels added to the front base for easier mobility. On the contrary, the rear base is designed with the handle for easier lifting and can be leaned on the transport wheels.

The weight of this recumbent bike is ample enough to offer stability. There are adjustable and rubberized levelers on the base tubes that promise higher stability. The recumbent bike is integrated with the step-through design that makes it equally great for people who have physical disabilities. Also, the steel construction promises resistance from corrosion. As for the rail, it has an aluminum construction and promises a natural appearance.

Various PVC parts in the recumbent bike enhance the protection. For better protection, there are covers for the drive system, seat base, along with seat rail caps. As far as the seat is concerned, it has a gel cushioning with a thick layer; it also has a contoured design that aligns with the body without sacrificing comfort. Also, the backrest has PVC construction with a vented design that reduces the chances of overheating.

The angle of the backrest is adjustable, hence various adjustment positions, and users can use the lever for controlling the position. The seat is adjustable since there is an aluminum rail. There are two sets of handlebars available and are integrated with resistance controls and pulse sensors.

Resistance & Drive

Nautilus R618 recumbent bike has a motor-assisted magnetic resistance system, also known as an eddy current brake. It is also integrated with the magnetic resistance pad with which the resistance can be adjusted through the console. This means that whenever users adjust the resistance level, the position of the servo motor will change. The recumbent bike needs to be connected to the AC power adapter or power source since it doesn’t have a self-generating power system.

There are twenty-five resistance levels available in this recumbent bike that’s suitable for intense workouts, as well as, for low-impact fitness sessions. There is a magnetic resistance system available in Nautilus R618 recumbent bike, along with the heavyweight flywheel and belt drive, hence you can expect a smooth motion. Conversely, it delivers the consistent yet steady workout momentum. All in all, there are steel cranks with self-leveled pedals. Also, the strap is added to the pedals for better foot positioning.


To begin with, this recumbent bike is integrated with two LCDs, along with a blue backlight. There are huge digits on the console, hence better readability, and visibility. The top part of the console has various workout program files, along with the workout program name, chosen goal, fitness progress, and resistance level. Besides, it also shares the heart rate details. On the contrary, the smaller part of the console shows heart rate, RPM, speed, time, resistance level, distance, and burned calories.

The console can be used to track the riding distance in miles as well as kms. There are sensors in the handlebars that help track and monitor heart rate. The best part is the telemetry feature on the console, which means it can work with wireless and HR chest straps. Nautilus R618 recumbent bike is designed with four user profiles, so users can customize their fitness goals and keep track. In addition, there are twelve preset workout programs for different fitness needs.

With the console, the users can access the HR control program with four difficulty levels, fitness program, and recovery program. The availability of Bluetooth connectivity allows the users to synchronize the workout data from the bike to the smartphone. Also, the information can be synced with Nautilus Trainer 2, but the fitness data can be transferred to MyFitnessPal and NautilusConnect apps. The console is integrated with a USB port with which the smartphone or tablet can be charged.

Other Notable Features

  • Four user-profiles and 12 preset workout programs
  • Connectivity with MyFitnessPal and Nautilus Connect
  • Adjustable seat
  • Compatible with RideSocial

R618 Recumbent Bike Review

Schwinn 230 recumbent bike is loaded with features without compromising on affordability. For instance, the built-in speakers help add rhythm to the workout routines. With this section, we are sharing our stance on this exercise bike, such as;

Online Support

First of all, we love how this bike can be connected with RideSocial with which users can check and ride the virtual trail through Google Maps on their TV or phone. The recumbent bike can be connected to MyFitnessPal and NautilusConnect for transferring the workout and fitness data.


There are two built-in speakers integrated into Nautilus R618 recumbent bike that helps add rhythm to the workout sessions. Also, the sound system supports smartphones, tablets, as well as MP3 players.


Truth be told, this recumbent bike is pretty heavy, which means it demands at least two people for assembling. The resistance components and drive are pre-assembled, so you only need to connect the mainframe and base tubes. On the top, the backrest, handles, handlebars, and seats can be assembled. Generally, the assembly will take around an hour. Besides, the tools come with packaging for assembly and the manual has detailed instructions.

Resistance Level

There is an eddy current brake system integrated into this recumbent bike. It also has 25 magnetic resistance levels for people who need intense as well as low-impact workouts. The users can also adjust the settings through the control button.


Nautilus R618 recumbent bike has a contoured seat with gel cushioning that makes it comfortable to sit on. The backrest has a vented design for better support. Above all, the recumbent bike has a reclining seat that offers easier adjustment while the sliding rail has aluminum construction for easier adjustability.


There are steel cranks in the recumbent bike and the pedals are extremely ergonomic. The pedals are designed with straps that deliver stability in foot position.

In a Nutshell

Overall Score


  • Top-grade construction and study frame
  • Easier mobility
  • Bluetooth and app connectivity
  • Resistance controls
  • Easy to read console


  • Weak cooling fan

The Final Verdict

Featured with the top-grade construction and sturdy frame, this recumbent bike is an apt image of durability. The availability of resistance controls helps customize the workout while the console is easy to read. The only point of concern is that the cooling fan is not powerful enough, so there might be heating issues. As for the tablet covering the top display, you can always use the smartphone!

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