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Work from home or remote working is increasingly seen as a better alternative to offices. However, while it may offer various benefits to companies and employees, it can lead to a bulging tummy (we all can relate, right?). That being said, gaining physical strength should be your priority for optimal fitness. Some people want strength while some want to shed those stubborn fats. Well, recumbent bikes suit them all because it’s a versatile piece of fitness equipment. For every fitness freak in need of an affordable recumbent bike, we have the Marcy NS-1206R recumbent bike explained in this article!

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This is one of the newest recumbent bikes available in the fitness world with an affordable price factor. The unique design of this recumbent bike promises ultimate comfort and fitness experience. Some people argue about the absence of preset programs or connectivity, but it’s pretty great for the price it’s offered at.

Designed with an adjustable seat, this recumbent bike promises a convenient fitness experience. In addition, the design suits people of different heights. The pedals are integrated with a weighted design and the adjustable straps will deliver better control. For better information, we have outlined the in-depth review of this recumbent bike!


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Bike’s Weight : 58.5 lbs
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Resistance Levels: 8 (magnetic)

Notable Features


To begin with, this recumbent bike is integrated with the steel frame for higher durability. The construction has some ABS plastic parts, such as magnetic brakes and flywheel, hence the sturdiness. It’s safe to say that this recumbent bike has a basic design that makes it suitable for home-usage. The weight capacity is pretty great, so different family members can use it.

There are two prime parts in this recumbent bike; the front part and the rear part. The front part is designed with resistance elements and drive, along with the front mast. On the contrary, the rear part is designed to support the seat and these parts are connected through the turn knob. The knob is responsible for delivering length adjustment for the bike.

The recumbent bike is integrated with the step-through design that makes it easy to get in and take off from. The construction is pretty lightweight, so you can assemble and move around the recumbent bike pretty easily. The front side of this recumbent bike is integrated with small wheels, promising easier relocation.

On the contrary, the rear side is designed with polygonal caps that are rotatable and serve the purpose of stabilizer. The recumbent bike is coated with rust-resistant paint, hence protection from corrosion and abrasion.

Seat & Handlebars

In the first place, this recumbent bike is integrated with a huge comfortable seat, measuring around 14-inches. This seat is pretty wide, so the contact surface is pretty vast. There is a backrest available as well, and both of them are integrated with 1.5-inches foam padding that delivers optimum comfort. The covers of the seat are designed with vinyl material which is pretty thick and has easy maintenance.

The rear part of this recumbent bike is designed with seat slides on the front section, which are connected through the turn knob. There is a base bar with six adjustment positions. Moreover, there are two handlebar sets in this recumbent bike; one is attached to the front mast while the other one is attached to the seat.

The front handlebars are designed with straight yet short grips with rubber covering, thus the comfort. Also, it is curved that makes it easy to hold. On the contrary, the seat handlebars are designed with long grips and are rubberized for delivering comfort. We do miss the availability of the pulse sensors, so no heart rate monitoring.


The recumbent bike is designed with a manual magnetic resistance system with eight resistance levels. The resistance levels are optimal enough for delivering different workout intensities. The resistance levels can be controlled through the knob. Turning the knob clockwise increases the resistance while the counterclockwise direction of the knob will reduce the resistance.

Overall, the transition from one resistance level to another is extremely smooth. The resistance levels from 7 to 8 are great for moderate workout intensity. On the contrary, the remaining resistance levels deliver a light workout experience.

Other Notable Features

  • Adjustable stabilizers
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Noiseless magnetic resistance system

NS-1206R Recumbent Bike Review

Still not sure if you would like to go for the Marcy NS1206 or not? Well, let us help you in deciding by detailing our review for what we like and dislike in Marcy NS1206 recumbent bike.


First of all, the resistance levels are adjustable with this recumbent bike. There are eight resistance levels that can be controlled and changed through the knob. Once the brake moves closer, the resistance will be higher. On the contrary, when the brake moves farther away, the resistance will be reduced; it can be controlled through pedaling.

Drive Resistance

For the most part, this is the manual magnetic recumbent bike that is designed to deliver a promising fitness experience. The resistance levels can be manually adjusted, and you don’t need any power adapter or power sources. The resistance system is integrated with a magnetic brake that’s connected with the steel cable and tension knob.


Well, pedaling is obvious with the recumbent bike but this bike is designed to offer steady pedaling. This is because the recumbent bike is designed with a balanced structure that delivers steady pedaling. Besides, the bike has a bi-directional infrastructure, users can even pedal in reverse motion. The pedaling is promised to help smooth the workout.

Belt Drive System

Marcy NS-1206R recumbent bike is designed with the belt drive system, along with the heavy-duty v-belt which promises better traction. With this being said, there is no need for lubrication in this bike. As a result, the vibrations will be lesser, and pedaling will be noiseless.


The recumbent bike is designed with an LCD with which you can use to track speed, time, distance, and burned calories. The distance and speed metrics are shown in miles and MPH, respectively. The console is pretty easy to use and operate since it has only one button. So, all you need to do is press the button for switching on the bike and you are good to go.

Assemble & Maintenance 

The majority of resistance parts and drive come assembled which means you only need to connect the primary frame parts. The assembly shouldn’t take more than half an hour, so it’s obviously easy to assemble the recumbent bike. Also, it comes with the basic toolkit and manual for information on assembly. As for the maintenance, just clean the recumbent bike properly with the clean cloth!


The Marcy NS1206 is integrated with an adjustable seat that promises suitability for different people simultaneously. The seat can be adjusted to offer optimal leg area for different trainees at a time.


As for standard dimensions, there are handlebars in this recumbent bike. These handlebars are covered with foam that helps hold the bike during the workout. Subsequently, trainees will be able to reach the exercise needs.


The recumbent bike is designed with transport wheels that make it easy to move around. The transport wheels are extremely convenient and are comfortable to transit. All in all, there is no need to lift the recumbent bike, so it’s hassle-free mobility.


It’s obvious that this recumbent bike is optimal for delivering promising fitness outcomes. There are eight resistance levels available in the recumbent bike that helps with different workout intensity levels. With the highest resistance levels, the trainees will have cardio workout experience.


Marcy NS-1206R recumbent bike is constructed with steel tube, hence offers higher durability. Also, there is powder coating on the recumbent bike with a grey color for protection against corrosion and rusting. The bike looks great and prevents external damages, such as scratches. Besides, powder coating prevents corrosion, so no rusting.

In a Nutshell

Overall Score


  • Durable and stable
  • Transport wheels for easy mobility
  • Firm backrest
  • Cushioned or padded seat


  • No pulse sensors
  • No bottle holder

The Final Verdict

The Marcy NS1206 recumbent bike is designed for home-usage. Integrated with the comfortable seat and magnetic resistance system, this recumbent bike is designed to offer a comfortable workout experience. All in all, it’s a decent bike and delivers promising muscle toning, cardio training, and weight loss.

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