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Fitness is important for everyone but not everyone can commute to the gym daily, right? But hey, you can always have a recumbent bike at your home. That being said, recumbent bikes are great for fitness enthusiasts who want to work out at home. However, with the availability of thousands of bikes in the markets, choosing one can be overwhelming. In this article, we are sharing Marcy NS-1201R review that delivers a consistent fitness experience!

Marcy NS-1201R Recumbent Bike (Overview)




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Designed to offer a smooth workout experience, this recumbent bike is designed with magnetic resistance for a consistent workout. That being said, Marcy NS-1201R recumbent bike is designed to help you train according to your desire. As a result, trainees can choose their designed workout intensity.

The recumbent bike is designed with an adjustable seat that helps align with the different height needs. In addition, it is well-suited for people with long legs. With the LCD screen of this recumbent bike, you can keep an eye on distance, time, speed, burned calories, and you can even read the scans. We are sharing an in-depth review of this recumbent bike!


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Bike’s Weight : 70 lbs
  • Power Source: AA Batteries
  • Resistance Levels: 8 (Magnetic)

Notable Features


In the first place, Marcy NS 1201R is designed with high-end construction. There is steel tubing with a 14-gauge configuration, delivery durability. There is a molded ABS shroud that leads to a promising outcome. The recumbent bike is coated with a powder finish that promises resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

The Marcy NS 1201R is integrated with a comfortable seat since there is high-density foam padding. On the top, there is a vinyl covering that delivers comfortable seating, even for long workout times. There are handlebars in the recumbent bike, along with assist bars. These bars are contoured and are covered with foam that promises convenience for extensive workout routines.

The recumbent bike is designed with counter-balanced and weighted pedals, delivering smooth pedaling motion. The pedals are integrated with the adjustment straps, so everyone can change fitting according to their needs. Also, the straps make it easy to slip off and on. As far as the seat is concerned, it is adjustable, so it’s suitable for people with different leg lengths. The recumbent bike is designed with a step-through design that is easier to step in and move out from.


To begin with, Marcy NS-1201R recumbent bike is designed with eight preset magnetic resistance levels. As a result, users can choose the workout intensity as they like. The resistance levels are manual which means users can control the resistance levels according to the fitness intensity needs. However, the resistance is magnetic, delivering a consistent and smooth workout. These resistance levels will induce weight loss and enhance the cardiovascular endurance of the trainees.


Marcy NS-1201R recumbent bike is designed with a display that helps deliver access to the fitness metrics. The users can access information such as distance, speed, time, and burned calories. In addition, the scan feature is available that delivers rotational metric. There is an odometer in this recumbent bike that helps measure the distance.

The display is designed with a single touch button that promises easy operation of the display. The screen is huge which makes it easy to read. Besides, the metrics are streamed in huge sizes, so you can check the fitness metrics without stopping your workout.

Other Notable Features

  • Odometer is available
  • Quick release locking system
  • Multi-position handles

NS-1201R Recumbent Bike Review

Now that we have gone through the features, strengths, and limitations of the Marcy NS 1201R, let’s quickly review the bike and see how we feel about the product as fitness equipment.


The Marcy NS 1201R recumbent bike is designed with higher adjustability. For instance, users can adjust the seat with which they can adjust the seat according to the trainees’ leg length. Secondly, there are eight resistance levels available. With this being said, users can change the intensity of the workout, make it beginner level or harder.

Above all, there is a magnetic resistance system that leads to a consistent workout. Also, the transition from one resistance level to another will be extremely easy. For the seat, there is seat stride adjustment that can be adjusted with leg length. There is a quick-release locking mechanism in the recumbent bike that delivers fast and efficient adjustment of the seat.


To begin with, the Marcy NS 1201R is designed with high-end construction that leads to durability. The step-through design of this recumbent bike makes it suitable for seniors, as well. This is because they can easily step into the bike, take a seat, work out, and step out. Besides, the gray color of this recumbent bike looks modern and compliments your edgy home theme.


The recumbent bike is designed to deliver a comfortable workout experience. The seat has high-density foam, along with vinyl covering that leads to a comfortable experience even with long workout routines. Secondly, there are assist bars and handlebars covered with foam that deliver comfort as well as grip. Lastly, there are counter-balanced and weighted pedals with adjustable foot straps, so you can keep your feet on pedals. Also, there will be no slipping issues.


The recumbent bike is designed with premium steel construction. The steel construction ensures that this bike is made to last. On the top, there is a powder coating that not only looks great but delivers resistance from abrasion and corrosion. There is a quick-release locking mechanism that leads to easier seat adjustment. Lastly, there are multi-position handles in the recumbent bike for a comfortable and sturdy grip.


We are absolutely in love with the step-through design of this recumbent bike. The recumbent bike is easy to access and even seniors can easily enter and exit. Also, the seat is pretty comfortable. With the excellent grip, trainees can work out for extensive time stretches and provide control over the access. The easier access to this recumbent bike (and its seat) delivers suitability for seniors and people with physical limitations. For instance, if someone has had an operation and want to gain their strength back, Marcy NS 1201R may be a prime choice.


The Marcy NS 1201R is designed with thick padding on the seats. The seat position is pretty comfortable and will not make you uneasy, even with extensive training routines.

Workout Quality

Marcy NS-1201R recumbent bike is one of the best recumbent bikes designed by Marcy that offers a top-notch workout experience. Be it gaining strength or lose calories and fats; this recumbent bike serves the purpose. The calorie monitor on this recumbent bike shares information about burned calories, so you can track the fitness performance. As a result, the workout quality will be enhanced.

Weight Capacity

This recumbent bike is designed with 300 lbs. maximum weight capacity. Thereby, even the chubbiest person in your family can use the Marcy NS 1201R easily to lose weight.


The Marcy NS 1201R is constructed with premium steel that delivers durability and sturdiness. The steel construction offers stability as well. The frame is coated with powder spray that offers prevention from corrosion and abrasion. Also, the powder coating will increase the durability by triple folds.


There are counterbalanced and weighted pedals in Marcy NS 1201R that help keep feet on the pedals. There is an adjustable strap in these pedals that fits your feet on the pedals. Also, it promises no slippage, even if you are working out intensely.


The Marcy NS 1201R is extremely compact without compromising on comfort. There are transport wheels in this recumbent bike that makes it easy to transport the recumbent bike from one room to another.

In a Nutshell

Overall Score


  • Durable construction
  • Stable
  • Higher adjustability
  • Higher visibility on the display


  • Inconvenient frame panels

The Final Verdict

The recumbent bike is designed to deliver promising results. There is an extensive range of features that will lead to a promising workout. The monitor will help keep track of fitness metrics and the seat is comfortable enough for hours of workout. However, it can impact the comfort since there are limitations in the frame panel. Also, the warranty could be longer, of course (but it won’t tear apart, we promise!).

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