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Losing weight is a challenging task and today’s fast-track world is only making it more difficult. With too many things happening in our daily lives, it’s certainly challenging to shed few pounds, even when we desperately want to lose some, right? That’s because losing weight helps people feel confident in shredded and slim bodies. But again, visiting a gym isn’t always possible because the schedules don’t allow that.

Well, now you can depend on Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike that fits perfectly with your home gym, and you can lose weight at home. Moreover, Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike will help you gain physical strength with advanced features and premium construction.

Enticed already? Embrace yourself as we will be sharing the review for Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike. So, get ready to shed some pounds fast!

Marcy ME-706 Recumbent Bike (Overview)




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This is the fitness-induced recumbent bike, which is perfect for people on a budget and is definitely an ideal choice to meet the needs of your home gym. Ever since the release, it has gained immense popularity (for all the right reasons). There are smart features in the bike and portability is the biggest flex. Moreover, the portable design makes it convenient for at-home usage. With the availability of twenty-four magnetic levels, the users can spruce up and lower the workout intensity to achieve the respective fitness goals.

Topping it all, Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike doesn’t make any noise (even if the noise is there, it’s pretty much neglectable). Well, we guess you can enjoy the workout session without bothering your family with the squeaking sounds. Overall, the recumbent bike has a high-quality build and robust functionality. What we love the most is that it’s suitable for professionals as well as athletes, irrespective of the workout goals. So, let’s find out more about it, shall we?


  • Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs
  • Bike’s Weight : 105 Lbs
  • Power: Lithium Batteries
  • Resistance: 24 Magnetic 

Notable Features


To begin with, Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike is designed with heavy-duty construction, with all the main components being constructed from steel. It has a steel bar which is finished and painted with rust-resistance paint and the color is black (pretty classic). There are two primary parts of the frame including; the front part with console post, console, and resistance system. The second part is the rear part of the frame which is responsible for supporting the seat.

However, the front, as well as rear parts, are connected at the central point with multiple screws. It weighs around 105 lbs. which is great to add to the durability and portability of the bike. In addition, there are adjustable stabilizers in this recumbent bike at the rear side which means the recumbent bike can be placed on every floor type without compromising on the leveling. As far as assembling is concerned, you need the help of a friend because it can be heavy and hard to assemble on your own.

Drive System & Resistance

To begin with, Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike is integrated with the motorized magnetic resistance system. The resistance system is a combination of a small servo motor, magnetic brake, and internal generator. Not to forget, this recumbent bike is designed to be a self-generating fitness bike which means you don’t need an external power connection to switch on the resistance system or console. Moreover, the console can be used for controlling the resistance of the recumbent bike.

As far as the resistance is concerned, there are 24 levels available with magnetic configuration. There are various preset programs available and the console can automatically adjust the resistance levels throughout the workout session. With the availability of the servo motor, the motion between the flywheel and brake will be optimized. Moreover, the distance between these components can help decrease or increase the pedaling intensity.

However, by default, the resistance setting of Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike is level five. The resistance levels ranging from one to five are extremely light workout sessions and are suitable for people who struggle with injuries. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy cardiovascular workouts, you can choose between resistance level 20 to resistance level 24. In addition, these resistance levels deliver pedaling tension, so you can burn a higher calorie count.

 Not to forget, this recumbent bike is integrated with the belt drive system which allows for noiseless, seamless, and smooth operations. In case you are wondering about the flywheel, the weight is still unknown but the perimeter-weighting system delivers higher momentum. Also, this momentum means that pedaling can be done in reverse as well.


Here is the star of the show (or recumbent bike?). The console is actually a huge LCD screen with LED backlighting, so you can read the contents easily. The LCD screen will help track resistance calories, time, speed, distance, pulse, RPM, and more. However, we would like to add that console’s functionality could have been better if there was online connectivity and Bluetooth available. There are 23 different preset workout programs, so you can challenge yourself and achieve your fitness goals. The workout programs areas;

  • Program one – it is basically a manual program that has the resistance set at five, and users can adjust the resistance during pedaling
  • Program two to thirteen – these workout programs can stimulate different workouts, such as fat burn, hill, mountain, steps, rolling, fartlek, ramp, and precipice
  • Program fourteen to seventeen – these are the customized programs with which users can customize the programs according to their unique needs
  • Program eighteen to twenty-two – these programs are known for targeting the heart rate and they can be customized according to the preferred heartrate
  • Program twenty-three – this program is known for the watt control

The console also has the recovery and fat function available. The latter is known for measuring to fat ratio of the body and offers a specific profile. On the contrary, the recovery function can monitor the fitness levels according to the current pulse rate. When the program ends, the workout performance will be rated (one is for the best and six is for poor performance). The console can be connected with the chest straps since it has a telemetric configuration.

Other Notable Features

  • High-end steel frame construction
  • Step-through design for easier access
  • Easy workout tracking from LCD console
  • Magnetic resistance system
  • Adjustable seat and has padding for comfortable seating
  • Adjustable height on the seat
  • Self-generating system
  • Transport wheels available for easy movement

ME-706 Recumbent Bike Review

Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike is designed with a plethora of features without breaking the bank for customers. This recumbent bike is a suitable choice for people who need a comfortable workout since it has a padded seat. In addition, the seat is adjustable and the overall design delivers a stable workout. So, if you want our honest review of this recumbent bike, read our take on this recumbent bike below;


When it comes down to assembling this recumbent bike, multiple parts need your attention, such as the rear part, front part, console, seat, mast, pedals, and handlebars. However, the belt, magnetic brake system, motor, and generator will be delivered in the pre-assembled form. For other parts, there are screws available for connecting the rear and front body. In addition, the users also need to assemble the backrest and pedals. However, it comes with the assembly guideline and it will only take a few hours for assembling. Moreover, multiple tools are delivered with the bike for easy assembly.


The frame is made into two parts which are assembled in the middle with the help of screws. The rear part only has the seat components while the front part has a resistance system, console, and mast. The majority of these parts are made from heavy-duty stainless steel. As far as the drive system and seat base covers are concerned, they are constructed with hard ABS materials. Also, the handlebars are coated in black color and resist rust and corrosion.


The recumbent bike is integrated with the step-thru design which makes it extremely easy to step in and step out from. It has a convenient design. What we love about this design is that it’s easy to dismount and mount from the recumbent bike. This easy step-thru design makes it suitable for disabled people and seniors. Moreover, the users can depend on this recumbent bike if they are healing from injuries and operations.


Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike is weighed around 105 lbs. which makes it stable. It’s safe to say that this recumbent bike won’t wobble when you are exercising. In addition, the availability of adjustable stabilizers ensures that the bike can be placed on any floor, irrespective of the floor leveling.


According to the measurements, we can see that the recumbent bike is pretty heavy. This means that you might need a friend for assembling the recumbent bike and shipping. However, when the recumbent bike is assembled, it can be extremely easy to move around since there are transportation wheels added on the front part.

In a Nutshell

Overall Score


  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Portable design
  • Twenty-three workout programs
  • LED backlight in the LCD console
  • Test functions and index functions
  • Sound system and tablet holder are included
  • Perimeter-weighted pedals
  • Self-generating systems
  • Sturdy handlebars
  • Adjustable seat


  • Sound system could be more powerful
  • Chest strap doesn’t come with the package
  • Heavyweight (it improves stability, so it’s fine)
  • No bottle holder

The Final Verdict

For everyone who is trying to achieve fitness goals but cannot go to the gym, Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike is the right choice. This recumbent bike promises a high-end workout experience while ensuring comfortable seating. There is an availability of various smart features and all of this is available at an affordable price. To summarize, this recumbent bike promises value for money and even the downsides are manageable, so it’s a win-win option!

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