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With the constant adoption of a healthier and active lifestyle, the number of people joining gyms and health clubs is rapidly increasing. However, not everyone has the time to hit the gym, so creating one at home seems like a nice idea, right? For all those people, there are fitness machines that go perfectly with the home gyms or individual workout needs.

That being said, recumbent bikes are great for everyone who wants to stay active and lose weight. Exerpeutic is one of the top-notch brands offering some of the best recumbent bikes available for home gyms. And Exerpeutic 400XL is one of them. This is a folding recumbent bike that’s a fine combination of comfort and an intensive workout. With this article, we are sharing an in-depth review of the Exerpeutic 400XL recumbent bike!

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To begin with, this recumbent bike is the epitome of intelligent design and high-end ergonomics. The bike is available at an affordable rate, delivering sufficient value. This is an above-average recumbent bike with high-end features. The bike suits the needs of people of every age and delivers comfort and support even during hardcore workout sessions.

For the trainees on a budget and easy fitness goals, this recumbent bike fits the bill. Exerpeutic 400XL is designed with a semi-recumbent design, making it suitable for people with mobility restrictions. This bike can be used by people with heights ranging from 5.2ft to 6.2ft. This is the budget recumbent bike and delivers eight resistance levels, meeting the workout needs of different people at a time.


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Bike’s Weight : 43 lbs
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Resistance Levels: 8 (magnetic)

Notable Features


The recumbent bike is designed with a narrow stabilizer and a foldable design. It’s only nineteen-inches wide and depicts portability. Even with the lightweight construction, it promises zero rocking or tipping (yes, for tall people as well). Exerpeutic 400XL is constructed from a steel tubing frame that’s solid and sturdy. There are no chances of it moving around or wobbling.

The recumbent bike stays stable on every flat floor surface. However, if you only have space in your garage, this bike isn’t the right choice. That’s because there are no levelers in it, so it cannot level out the uneven surface. To summarize, it sure seems like a sturdy recumbent bike since it has a one-year warranty, and construction is top-notch.


There are eight resistance levels designed in this recumbent bike. The resistance levels can be adjusted by turning the knob; which can be found right below the console. When the resistance level is increased, the magnetic pad is moved closer to the flywheel and moves away if the resistance level is reduced.

There are marked levels on the knob that ensures easy resistance adjustment. The tension knob is incredibly easy to access, but trainees might have to slow down pedaling to change the resistance level.

With the increase in tension, the resistance gets harder for pushing. However, the resistance levels are changed slightly, so the shift to higher resistance levels will be easier. That being said, the resistance levels seven and eight leads to choppy pedaling motion and can be hard to push.


To begin with, the bike is designed with various adjustment features. This is because it can be adjusted to fit people of heights ranging from 5.2ft to 6.2ft. However, the pedals tend to block the motion for people shorter than the suggested height. As far as adjusting the height is concerned, the users need to loosen up the adjustment knob with the seat, so it can be moved up or down.

The knob is then slid into the suitable position, and the pin is inserted. There are preset holes where the pin sticks. Adjusting the height is incredibly easy and won’t take more than thirty seconds.


The recumbent bike is integrated with the V-belt drive system, which delivers a smooth workout and riding experience. It utilizes a combination of flywheel and pedals to ensure zero slippage. Besides, the drive system leads to a noiseless workout and doesn’t need much maintenance. In simpler words, the workouts will be hassle-free and smooth.


The Exerpeutic 400XL recumbent bike is designed with the inclined angle at the seat’s back. The back seat offers sufficient support, however, users can still add an extra pillow for support. As for the angle, it’s pretty comfortable for pedaling. However, the back seat isn’t suitable for extended workout time (more than an hour).

The seat has an oversized design with thick padding for comfortable workouts. In addition, the recumbent bike has a gel seat cover for better support. The best part is perhaps the steadiness of the seat, even if you don’t use the side handlebars. The seat has an adjustment level from 24inches to 26inches, depending on how higher you adjust it.

Secondly, the recumbent bike has handlebars designed on both sides of the seat, and the coated design improves comfort and grip. In addition, they include pulse sensors that help monitor the heart rate. The handlebars have a slightly lower placement, which promises zero interference in the pedaling motion. All in all, the bike is completely noiseless.


The recumbent bike is designed with a console that displays burned calorie count, distance in miles, time, odometer, speed, and heart rate. There is a button present below the console that reset these numbers. However, this button can be used for resetting the measurements, but the odometer cannot be reset (users need to take out batteries).

The LCD screen measures 3.3 inches with large numbers for better visibility. The LCD console is placed between the leg area for improved readability. On the contrary, there is no backlight in the LCD, so it’s not visible in a dark room or area. All in all, the console is powered through two AAA batteries for quick powering.

Other Notable Features

  • Heart rate monitoring in the handlebars
  • Huge pedals with safety straps
  • Magnetic resistance system for different workout intensities
  • High-end LCD console

400XL Recumbent Bike Review

Exerpeutic 400XL recumbent bike has a straightforward and intelligent design for smooth workouts. The recumbent bike is elegantly designed and can be assembled within an hour. The step-by-step manual for assembling makes it even easier for users to assemble the bike in no time. Now, let’s quickly take a looking at some of the highlights of this highly popular recumbent bike!

Build Quality

For the most part, the recumbent bike has an outstanding design with foldable construction. The bike can be folded into half the original size, which makes it easy to store. There are transport wheels in the recumbent bike for higher portability and can be used for small spaces. The semi-recumbent construction makes the bike easy to get off and on.

The seat has a large size with cushioning. In addition, the LCD console is pretty visible, and handlebars deliver comfortable access and control. The recumbent bike promises zero shakings or wobbling that sheds light on the well-built construction.


The seat of the recumbent bike is incredibly ergonomic and promises zero pressure on the back. The seat makes this recumbent bike suitable for people of different ages without injuring them. Also, the huge size and cushioned design add to the comfort and support. All in all, the seat is adjustable, so people of different heights can adjust the seat’s height.


The recumbent bike is designed with a magnetic tension control system for noiseless pedaling. It has eight resistance levels that make it suitable for different workout goals. The resistance levels can be adjusted through a knob, so choosing the resistance level is seamless and quick. Also, the flywheel delivers noiseless workouts.


The recumbent bike is offered with a one-year warranty. We do think that the warranty is limited, but it’s still fine with the budget it’s available at. On the contrary, it’s important to outline that Exerpeutic has trained and reliable customer support.

Heartrate Monitoring

The handlebars are designed with hand pulse sensors at the end of the grip. These sensors play an important role in monitoring the heart rate. The heart rate information is displayed on the LCD console and helps the users achieve the target heart health.


For the most part, the Exerpeutic 400XL recumbent bike is designed with large-sized ergonomic pedals. The pedal has enough space for fitting in every foot size. There are safety straps in the pedals that promise sturdy grip during an intense workout. To summarize, the pedals are comfortable and secure.

In a Nutshell

Overall Score


  • Portable and foldable design for easy storage
  • Smooth workout through flywheel and transmission system
  • Various resistance levels
  • Higher suitability through semi-recumbent design
  • Huge and cushioned seat
  • Sturdy construction


  • No predesigned workout programs
  • No cooling fan

The Final Verdict

Overall the Exerpeutic 400XL recumbent bike has a well-thought construction that delivers performance. The compact and lightweight design promises easier portability. Designed with a smooth and noiseless drive, this recumbent bike is perfect for working out at home. However, there are no predesigned workout programs or cooling fans, and it would have been even better to have these features!

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