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For people looking for a healthy lifestyle without going to a professional gym, recumbent bikes are a promising choice. Various brands are designing recumbent bikes, and Exerpeutic is a promising choice. They have launched Exerpeutic 2000 Recumbent Bike which’s famous as a high-capacity exercise bike.

Exerpeutic has made some impressive fitness equipment, loaded with comfortable and ergonomic features. The recumbent bikes from Exerpeutic are famous for delivering high-end health and fitness experience. In particular, the Exerpeutic 2000 recumbent bike has a fine combination of comfort and convenience. In this article, we are sharing the review on this recumbent bike!

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This recumbent bike is designed to deliver a positive and reliable workout experience. The recumbent bike has a strong build and construction, which is constructed to last for years. There are transport wheels designed in this recumbent bike that promises convenient storage and is incredibly easy to move around the house.

Exerpeutic promises impressive fitness regimes since there are various resistance levels and predesigned fitness programs. That being said, this recumbent bike delivers a wide range of workout options, catering to different fitness goals. The bike is a promising choice for older people or people who are recovering from injuries and surgeries.


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Bike’s Weight : 63 lbs
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Resistance Levels: 8 (magnetic)

Notable Features


Exerpeutic 2000 recumbent bike is designed with a steel frame that promises sturdy build and construction. There are stabilizers in the recumbent bike that promises a sturdy base for the workouts, irrespective of the workout intensity. The recumbent bike feels incredibly solid and delivers full-spectrum support to the trainees.

In case users place this recumbent bike on the uneven floor, the end caps of this recumbent bike at the end of the stabilizer bar (rear side) promise optimal balance. Even more, the seat is adjustable with three adjustment knobs for tightening. The best part is that the seat doesn’t wobble or loosen up, so there is no need for repetitive tightening.


The seat of this recumbent bike is designed with an adjustable design. The seat can be adjusted in the forward and backward direction, making it suitable for people with heights up to 6.3ft. The seat’s adjustability offers an optimal area for pedaling and promises ultimate motion range for legs. However, understanding the adjustment system will take time, and users need to get off the bike for adjustment.

The recumbent bike has preset holes in the seat slider, so users can insert the pin into the knobs for locking. It doesn’t matter how annoying the adjustment system might sound, but it makes it suitable for different people at a time. For instance, if the trainee is under 5.3ft, there will be zero inconvenience or comfort issues.

On the contrary, if trainees are taller than 6.3ft, they will have a hard time moving the legs. This is because the legs will not straighten out, and trainees will feel cramped.


Exerpeutic 2000 recumbent bike is designed with a magnetic resistance system that delivers eight different levels. The availability of eight resistance levels makes it easier for trainees to adjust the amount of tension. Still, trainees can shift from one resistance level to another without any inconvenience.

The resistance levels can be controlled through the console buttons. The up and down buttons can be utilized for changing the resistance levels, and it’s even displayed on the LCD. Exerpeutic has integrated magnets that move closer to the flywheel with an increase in resistance, while it moves away from the flywheel when the resistance level is reduced.

The best part is that the resistance system doesn’t need maintenance and magnetic configuration promises silent operations. To begin with, the first two resistance levels are incredibly easy to pedal against. The resistance levels from three to six are the most commonly used ones, and the majority of trainees use them.

On the contrary, the resistance levels seven and eight tend to be hard, but these are still moderate as compared to expert levels in some of the other bikes. This means that while the harder levers may be overwhelming for beginners, these will be moderate for experienced and professional cyclers.


Exerpeutic 2000 recumbent bike is integrated with the precision-balanced flywheel. It also has a V-belt system that delivers a noiseless and smooth pedaling experience. Thereby, there won’t be any choppiness and the workout session will be smooth and consistent. On the contrary, the higher resistance levels might lead to pulsing at the pedal strokes.

This is mainly because the flywheel doesn’t have ample momentum for carrying pedals through the pedaling stroke. Again, there is no need for maintenance. The drive is bounded in the shroud to ensure the clothes and legs don’t get stuck during pedaling and working out. Also, it ensures the protection of pets.


Exerpeutic 2000 recumbent bike is integrated with textured and oversized pedals that ensure proper foot placement. Besides, the pedals are designed with plastic straps so the feet don’t slip during hardcore workouts and deliver ample support.

The plastic straps are designed with a hole design, so trainees can insert the knob to the hole made in the strap, as per the length needs. Initially, it might be hard to fix the knob in the plastic strap, but they tend to soften up with time.


The recumbent bike is designed with a comfortable seat; 3.5iches of airsoft pad, to be precise. This seat design helps disperse heat and offers comfortable support for seating. The seat design is great for offering support during long workout periods. In addition, the seat doesn’t get sweaty, hence a comfortable and breathable workout experience.

The recumbent bike is designed with an angled and padded backrest that delivers sufficient support for the trainees. On the contrary, the backrest angle isn’t adjustable, but the backrest tends to move with the seat. In addition, the recumbent bike is pretty easy to get on and off from. The seat’s height is pretty convenient, so users can simply sit down.

Still, there are handlebars available for easy seating since it helps lower down the bike a bit. In simple words, the users don’t have to lift their legs for stepping on the recumbent bike. There are padded armrests in the handlebars for offering ample support. There are pulse sensors added to the handlebars’ end for heart rate monitoring.

The handlebars are designed with turned-up ends that deliver studier grip. All in all, the handlebars tend to move forward and backward with the seat; they don’t move separately.

Other Notable Features

  • Huge pedals for sturdy foot placement and has foot straps
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Support four user profiles
  • Six predesigned workout programs
  • Water bottle holder

2000 Recumbent Bike Review

Exerpeutic 2000 recumbent bike is pretty popular and certainly delivers value for money. It brings in various advanced features with added comfort to ensure a smooth and consistent workout experience for users of all ages and experiences. Below we have reviewed some of the features that make it a competent recumbent bike for home gyms.


To begin with, the recumbent bike isn’t delivered in the assembled form. However, it comes with a manual that eases the assembly. The manual has step-by-step instructions for guided installation and assembly. All in all, this recumbent bike can be assembled within an hour. All the tools and parts are delivered with the package, so you can expect a smooth assembling experience.

Build Quality

The recumbent bike is designed with a step-through design that promises quick and convenient access to the bike. The seat is designed with adjustment levels, so it’s suitable for people with different heights. There is a combination of flywheel and crank system that promises a smooth and noiseless workout experience.

There are leg stabilizers in the recumbent bike that reduce the chances of tipping. The recumbent bike is designed with a media shelf, so holding the smartphone or tablet will be easier. It has a durable build quality, which can support up to 300lbs of weight. Also, the backrest has a contoured design, which improves the comfort level.


There are eight adjustment levels in the recumbent bike that makes it suitable for different trainees and their unique fitness goals. The resistance levels can be controlled through the console. The recumbent bike is integrated with a magnetic resistance system that delivers a smooth workout experience. All in all, the highest resistance levels deliver a pretty hard workout experience.


Exerpeutic 2000 recumbent bike is designed with the LCD console. The LCD console promises higher readability since the digits are pretty big. The LCD can display information about distance, time, speed, pulse, resistance level, and calories. However, there is no backlight design, so the readability might be impacted in dark rooms.

In a Nutshell

Overall Score


  • Contoured backrest
  • Quiet and smooth workout
  • Reliable heart rate monitoring
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Suitable for people with different workout goals


  • There are no speakers
  • Absence of cooling fans

The Final Verdict

For the most part, this recumbent bike comes with plenty of features integrated into a solidly built frame for high endurance. Designed with a padded seat and heart rate monitoring, this recumbent bike delivers a smooth fitness experience. To summarize, this recumbent bike is great for people who want a comfortable yet challenging workout experience. All in all, it delivers promising value for money!

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