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Benefits of swimming


Swimming is an excellent form of workout and equally favorite for a number of reasons;1No equipment/gadgets required (I am pretty much sure that your shorts and bathing suits don’t come under equipment/gadgets category).2Availability/accessibility: now a day’s accessing to pool is not at all problematic.3Best for all ages: swimming is the form of exercise you can […]

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yoga for Weight loss

Is Yoga Really Effective For Weight Loss?

When I get hold of this Harvard medical report. I figured out that yoga is burning only 170 calories per session for me (according to report). Which was a bit confusing, as yoga for weight loss is being endorsed by many authorities these days.I was definitely losing some weight and I was quite satisfied with […]

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12 Foods that turn into fat


When a country with over trillion dollar health and wellness industry, spends over US$3.2 trillion over foods and foods services and yet 2-3rd of its population is overweight, it surely indicates that something is wrong ….way wrong. And to be precise it is our whole food culture and food choices, and it has been observed […]

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7 proven steps to Avoid Sugar.

Over the last decade, the sugar war is becoming fiercer day by day. On one hand, food manufacturing moguls are dominating shelf space by more sugary foods and finding smarter ways to deceive common consumers. On another side, there are tons anti sugar campaigns and material available to know the disastrous effects of sugar in […]

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5 Sugar-Free Recipes of Americans Most Loved Condiments

Americans love to eat. There is an old saying, “some people eat to live, others live to eat”. And it is quite safe to say that those ‘others’  are mostly situated at northern west part of our map (No not Westeros nor Winterfell by the way). As per the stats, Americans annually spend over US$ […]

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According to research in 2008 Sugar is considered 8 times more addictive than cocaine. Sounds troubling for few as the word addiction is conceived very negatively these days. Even on a subconscious level we automatically relate it to drug addiction, nicotine addiction, alcoholism etc….   In order to decide we first need to know what […]

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12 Foods That Burn Fat 24/7.

We all know that losing weight and burning fat is always a very challenging task. Not only because of the discipline and altered lifestyle we have to marry with. But also because of the limited food choices, we get in an average grocery store and not to forget complicated calorie-counting and weight-loss gimmicks. Which makes […]

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