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Yoga For Golfers: 7 Helpful Poses To Ace Your Game

Golf – The Mental GameThere are few games that need mental toughness and concentration more than golf.  It’s a sport that requires consistency and strength and perhaps the only sports where conscious minds (loci, alertness and analyzing) battles its way with the subconscious mind (long term memory and intuitions).  Because, while you need an alert […]

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Yoga For Baseball: 7 Helpful Poses To Ace This Season

Athleticism is one of the most important physical factors that contribute to the success and longevity of baseball players.  Now, there are various components that impact the athleticism of a player including; flexibility, speed, strength, body control, vertical leap and many more.Baseball inherently is a highly explosive sport where players are always pushing their bodies […]

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Yoga poses for men

7 Best Yoga Poses For Men

Wonder why more and more men are into yoga these days? In fact, the number of men choosing yoga to attain the physical and mental benefits are equal or even greater to number of men choosing to lift weights. While weightlifting will give you a toned and muscular body, yoga works on various physical and mental levels, […]

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yoga poses for better posture

7 Miraculous Yoga Poses For Better Posture

How many times you have been pointed out for your slouchy posture? Thanks to our modern day lifestyle, with long sitting hours and low physical activities. Most of us have to deal with bad posture, which by the way is the instigating point for various health issues like; back pains, digestion issues, cardiac problems, and spinal […]

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yoga poses for hamstring flexibility

9 Best Yoga Poses For Hamstring Flexibility

Struggling with tight hamstring? Irrespective of your lifestyle (whether you are an endurance athlete, office worker or a physical worker) chances are at some point in time you will be challenged with limited flexibility at your hamstring area.What’s a Hamstring? Hamstring area is made up of the three posterior thigh muscles that extend to the hips. These […]

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Yoga poses for anxiety

8 Kick-Ass Yoga Poses To Alleviate Your Anxiety

In the modern world, our lives are filled with hustle and bustle that have left many of us at the dismay of stress and anxiety.  The worry lines on the forehead are a clear manifestation of people’s continuous anxious state of mind. It’s continuous suffering for people who feel out of control and live lives […]

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Yoga poses for stress

7 Useful Yoga Poses To Reduce Stress

Why Yoga for Stress Relief?We are living at incredible times of upheaves, in which our daily lives are full of activities that leave our mind stressed.  For starters, we have hectic work routines which rarely involve any physical activity.  Our bodies have become weaken, while our minds have become overburdened – tearing the fabric of […]

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yoga poses for toned abs

7 Killer Yoga Poses For Toned Abs

Belly fat is undoubtedly one of the most annoying as well as the most stubborn fat in our body. Who doesn’t like to boast toned abs, and many of us work hard to get in shape just like the model on the front page of magazines. But it seems like most people seems to miss out […]

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Yoga poses for weight loss

8 Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Since yoga is hardcore all body activity, it is extensively used by sportsmen to strengthen their core muscles.  Also, the fact that yoga is a high mental strength exercise people like to do yoga to reconnect with their consciousness by turning inwards. Now, while this isn’t a popular reason, but Yoga is also great for weight […]

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9 Miraculous Yoga Poses to Relieve Lower Back Pain in Minutes

Achy back? Probably it’s the lower back of the lumber regions that’s causing you the discomfort. Lower back pain is a common problem. According to some research as much as 80% of adults are exposed to at some point in life. Thanks to the modern-day lifestyle including long sitting hours and lack of physical activity, […]

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