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8 Mind-Blowing Yoga Benefits Every Man Should Know.

By Ned Taylor

April 4, 2018

Yoga, the most popular form of exercise in the world with over 100 million searches per month.

But somehow, I have always found a bunch of men who are skeptic about the Yoga (for some odd reasons which I will discuss in another article.)

In a nutshell, yoga hasn’t been tagged as ‘my thingy’ for most of the guys.

Just for the fact back in the times of BCs, yoga was originated by men for men.

And these men might not know, but it has some great and lasting benefits that every man literally craves for.

Yoga Benefits for men

If you ask for my opinion, it is the only form of exercise that builds you inside out. Maybe that is one of the reasons that guys find such patience boring.

And all I have to say them is, just give it a shot. An hour a week (20 minutes alternate days) and you will get to know from where the Batman got his real superpowers from.

Christian Bale yoga

Christian Bale  Doing Yoga

8 mind boggling benefits of yoga for men.

Like any form of exercise, yoga is not a magic pill. Like others, it does require certain consistency and discipline.

01. It improves sex life.

Oh yes, it does, not a myth or a rumor. It is a fact, proven by the study done in 2010 and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. It has confirmed that yoga improves man competence in all sexual function namely.

  • Desire.
  • Performance.
  • Erection.
  • Ejaculation.

Apart from it, yoga is also great for enhancing body awareness and mind-body coordination. Which result in being less conscious and more of enjoying the moment.

02. Enhance productivity.

Productivity has been defined by several author/authorities differently. But out many factors the main components of productivity are;

  • Ability to focus.
  • Retaining new information.
  • Making better decisions.
  • Managing the environment.

A Research conducted in the University of Illinois observed 30 participants at Urbana-Champaign on their working memory, and inhibitory control and they found that the participant how 20 mins of yoga sessions regularly are more focused, have more energy and enjoy better work relationships the participants who jog or do other forms of physical exercise.

03. ​Boost self-confidence.

Yoga plays a vital role in boosting self-confidence. In fact, it is the best workout for this specific job. Why? It gives results which are more deep-rooted and more stable.

Yes, we all can relate to some guys flexing their arm and try to catch the eyes which are staring back at them. But trust me this is very superficial and totally different than how yoga does the trick.

  • Yoga makes you calm.
  • Makes you aware of your mind and body.
  • Making better decisions.
  • Managing the environment.

Remember Bond, James Bond.

04. Keep Craving at the Bay.

Have you read The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonagall if not please do it's highly recommended. According to the book, willpower acts very similarly like muscles.

  • Like the muscle, it can be built through practice and exertion.
  • Like a muscle, it also has limitations (Which can be enhanced).
  • Like muscles it also gets exhausted.
  • Managing the environment.

Ever wondered why;

  • Heavier then usual workouts lead to overeating.
  • Dieting usually lead to stress.
  • Stress usually leads to smoke more. (If you are a smoker)
  • Controlling nicotine carvings lead to eat more sweet.

This is because you have limited willpower for the day. And once you exhaust your quota to single activity you feel more vulnerable to other temptations.

And this is where yoga becomes so special. According to research study from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, with yoga, you will not only be able to control your cravings but also build more resistance in every session.

05. tone muscles.

Yoga not only builds muscles, reduce fat but also give them proper definition.

Connor McGregor, New York-Giants, Seattle-Seahawks, uses yoga as part of their training. Yoga workout increases the blood flow and delivers more oxygen to muscles. This not only strengthens the muscles, encourage its growth but also fine-tune its structure.

According to a study published in the March 2013 Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 8 weeks of yoga demonstrated increased in dead-lifts, flexibility in shoulders hamstring and back and decrease in body fat.

06. strengthen immunity system.

Yoga is great for your health—quite literally if you consider a research study published in the PLoSOne health journal, which claims regular yoga practice strengthens immunity at the cellular level by changing actual gene expression and thus, improving your internal defense system. And these benefits can be experienced rather quickly—while you’re still on the mat.

07. better sleep.

Overall the health and wellness industry I found ‘sleep’ and ‘healthy sleep’ as the most underrated topic. (And I am planning to write the whole series of articles just about it).


If you sliced up your day and in fact whole life, on which activity you spend most time/life on? Yes sleeping. So why not take it seriously.

Your energy level, your attitude your perception of life all are controlled by your sleep.

And yoga is the best to influence your sleep. According to a 2011 study from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, consistent yoga not only helps with insomnia but also extend the time of deep sleep not sleep(do consider the difference between both)and results feeling more rested higher energy level and better mood throughout the day.

Believe me; better sleep is enough to make your day.

08. prevent injuries.

Let’s recap all the functions yoga performs to your body.

It increases stamina/endurance, balance stability, tone and strengthens muscles, better mind-body coordination better posture and movement. All of the thing which reduces the chances of wrong twist, over-exertion and hitting wrong pressure points, in a nutshell, want to be bulletproof do your yoga.

Yoga Quote-14

Thanks for staying till here,

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Take good care of yourself and C.Ya

Ned Taylor

About the author

Hey there, my name is Ned and I am on a mission to provide you health and fitness advice that are rational (i.e. back by scientific evidence) and sustainable ( means practical enough to be incorporated in normal people's routines with busy lives).

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