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21 Benefits of Cycling That You Should Know

By Ned Taylor

July 6, 2021

Whether you are trying to achieve a work-life balance or having a hard time finding a slot for workouts.

Or you are a fitness enthusiast and want to crank up your fitness regime.

Well, no matter what your routine is, you can yield some amazing benefits by slotting in some time for cycling. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cycling is a great aerobic exercise (okay, the low-impact one) and it’s loaded with benefits.

Cycling can be done at different intensities, so it’s suitable for everyone. Ranging from a casual activity to a sustainable mode of transport, or an intense workout, there are just so many benefits that cycling cannot be denied.

In all honesty, cycling is one amazing workout to help you keep active and is an ultimate way of shaping a healthy lifestyle.

With this post, I will be sharing with you some of the most significant benefits of cycling which you would be able to differentiate even from you first ride.

Are you intrigued to know more? Well, let’s start!

1. It Facilitates Fat Loss

If you are looking for a quick weight loss option… Well…that doesn’t exist.

But regular cycling will help you lose weight steadily. What’s best is that the extra pounds will shed off at a steady, reasonable, and sustainable speed.

Even if you cycle for fun, it will result in physiological and metabolic improvement which helps burn carbohydrates and fats.

Not only this, like other aerobic exercises; cycling keeps burning calories and fats even after you are done with the session. Also, it improves metabolism, so you won’t gain weight easily!

2. It Improves Heart Health

Cycling results in higher cardiovascular activity, which means the heart will feel healthier and stronger.

With regular cycling, the skeletal muscles will become sensitive to insulin which results in controlled and normalized blood sugar levels. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the benefits of cycling are impressive on your heart health. 

According to some studies, cycling for twenty miles in a week will slam the coronary heart issues by 50% (what more could you want?).

3. Enhanced Brain Function

If you feel dumb, start cycling (we are just kidding!). 

Coming back to the point, neurology experts say that cycling is the ultimate exercise for the brain because it stimulates neuron development. 

For instance, cycling results in higher production of neurotrophins, noggin, and nitric oxide which results in new cell formation in the brain, hence sharp memory, long-term and strong focus, fluid reasoning, and problem-solving skills will be improved

4. Better Sleep

We all love to sleep like a baby and it turns out that cycling actually improves sleep quality. Sleeping is important because it helps heal the body and brain after constant working and thinking throughout the day.

According to research, cycling helps promote sleep quality and some participants of the research were found to sleep earlier than routine (they were struggling with insomnia before!). So, do you see how cycling is the ultimate sleeping pill that you need?

5. It Boosts The Mood 

People who cycle even for a few minutes feel better with lifted spirits. This is primarily because cycling results in de-stressing by killing off excessive adrenaline. 

We all know someone who isn’t a morning person (are you?) but they can start cycling to boost the mood. This is because cycling is a healthy activity that improves the blood circulation in the body, so you can make positive and sturdy decisions throughout the day (it really kick starts the day).

6. Strengthens Leg & Core Muscles

Cycling promises better lower body functionality which improves the leg muscles’ strength (nope, it doesn’t overstress the legs). This exercise can target the calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes which strengthens the legs.

Not only this, cycling also works on the core muscles, such as abdominal and back muscles. In addition, these strengthened core muscles improve stability, provide support to the spine, and help you feel comfortable and strong

7. Perfect Workout for Beginners & Elders

If you want to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle, cycling is the right fit. For the main reason that you can choose the cycling intensity according to your body’s strength, so it’s a win-win! 

Secondly, unlike other hardcore exercises, cycling is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the body and is a suitable option for people who don’t want to stress their joints. For elders and people with back problems recumbent bike is more safer option.

8. It Improves Mental Health

With constant chaos around us, almost all of us feel anxiety and stress and cycling is a great way of improving our mental health.

Cycling will release endorphins in your system which reduces the stress levels and you will feel better. With regular cycling, you might even feel much more confident than ever before.

9. It Helps Prevent Cancer

Cycling is an amazing addition to your daily life if you have active cancer or are recovering from cancer

This is because cycling helps keep you fit and lean and can reduce the chances of breast cancer. Even more, staying active reduce the side effects of cancer medicines and treatments, such as fatigue and nausea.

10. It Helps to Manage & Prevent Type-2 Diabetes.

It doesn’t matter if the health conditions are just arising or if you are managing the existing diseases, cycling is a great way to do so.

Cycling can help prevent the sedentary routine. In addition, it helps prevent heart issues and keep the blood pressure normalized. Not to forget, it can manage and prevent type-2 diabetes.

11. A Sustainable Mode Of Transport

Beyond exercise, cycling is the ultimate way of sustainable transport. We have already mentioned that cycling helps with sustainable weight loss but it’s also safer for the environment.

This is because cycling will reduce the carbon footprint and you won’t add up to petroleum consumption.

12. It Promises Better Coordination & Posture

Cycling can stabilize the body and keep it upright with which you will witness improvement in coordination and posture. In addition, it improves body balance, so you can prevent fractures and falls.

13. Strengthens The Immune system

At a time when the world is struggling to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, a strong immune system is priceless.

According to research, exercise has massive positive impacts on the upper respiratory system, which lowers the chances of catching a common cold.

According to one research, regular aerobic exercise like cycling can reduce sick days by as much as 40% for people. 

Another study found that mild-intensity aerobic exercises lead to the strengthening of our immune system, which consequently results in better protection against the covid-19 pandemic, and other diseases.

14. Cycling Improves Lung Health 

Cycling is a great exercise that strengthened lungs with lower chances of relevant infections. During cycling, lungs continuously receive fresh oxygen. Coupled this with the increased breathing rate during cycling, and you got the perfect exercise to improve lungs function.

15. You Will Help Develop Clean Air

It’s no secret that Earth is struggling and it’s all due to pollution and excessive use of natural resources.

That being said, cycling will help reduce pollution since you won’t be emitting anything harmful into the environment (cars do that). Also, it cleanses the air, so you will be making the world a better and healthier place.

16. You Can Build Muscles

Cycling is mostly taken as resistance training that’s mostly associated with better stamina and weight loss.

However, cycling doesn’t just help in weight loss but also results in muscles development – especially around the glutes, calves, and hamstrings. Sure, you won’t end up having massive muscles as you would get from strength training, however, you will definitely get leaner and toned muscles with consistent cycling.

17. Cycling Is Cost-Effective

Imagine the difference in costs for cycle maintenance and car maintenance, which one will be more cost-effective? Cycle, of course!

18. You Will Explore The Surroundings 

When you choose a cycle to get to work or for roaming around, you will have time to make stops and explore your surroundings. For instance, you might be able to find a shorter route or a quiet spot for sitting back and relaxing.

19. It Is Time-Efficient

Imagine being in traffic, would you be able to get out faster on a car or cycle? So, cycling is a faster way of roaming around in the cities as compared to your car and public transport.

20. You Can Have The Second Breakfast

People who tend to cycle to work, they can afford to add snacks to their daily routine. That’s to say because 30 minutes of cycling tends to burn two hundred to five hundred calories, so you’ve the license to get an extra pancake.

21. Time-Efficient

Imagine being in traffic, would you be able to get out faster on a car or cycle? So, cycling is a faster way of roaming around in the cities as compared to your car and public transport.


Cycling has long remained the epitome of physical fitness. Health professionals tout cycling as one of the best aerobic exercises to build strength, resistance, and cardiovascular endurance. Moreover, regular cycling also results in a healthy, pleasurable, and overall better quality lifestyle.

Remember, any exercise is better than none. Even with the toughest work routine, you can easily take out mere 15 minutes of your day and hop on to the Stationary Bike and watch your favorite TV show.

If you are dealing with a pre-existing medical condition, make sure to consult the doctor before starting.

Ned Taylor

About the author

Hey there, my name is Ned and I am on a mission to provide you health and fitness advice that are rational (i.e. back by scientific evidence) and sustainable ( means practical enough to be incorporated in normal people's routines with busy lives).

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