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yoga poses for love handles

8 Yoga Poses To Reduce Your Love Handles

Have you longed forever to wear your favorite game shirt but dread to do so because of the fatty cushions at the sides of your belly? Well, the good news is that you aren’t alone in this. And the bad news is that you need to get rid of those love handles as fast as possible.Honestly, the […]

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Benefits of Yoga for men

8 Mind-Blowing Yoga Benefits Every Man Should Know.

Yoga, the most popular form of exercise in the world with over 100 million searches per month. But somehow, I have always found a bunch of men who are skeptic about the Yoga (for some odd reasons which I will discuss in another article.)In a nutshell, yoga hasn’t been tagged as ‘my thingy’ for most of […]

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8 Yoga Poses for Great Sex.

Well, you know how tricky it could get these days. In a lifestyle, all made up of schedules, low self-esteem and really little time to dedicate to oneself and to our loved ones. It does feel damn hard to keep the fire up and things sexy and interesting.Not to worry, because today my friend I […]

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best poses of Yoga for Basketball player

Best Yoga Poses for Basketball Players

When you think of basketball players, you probably don’t think of them doing yoga. Basketball is so macho, right? And the very thought of some of the most talented players out there in a quirky yoga pose might seem a bit amusing.Laugh all you want though, because more and more pro athletes, particularly basketball players, […]

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7mins-of- bed time yoga-for-restful-sleep

7 Minutes of Bedtime Yoga for Restful Sleep

Hours pass by and each minute weighs. The night out does not stop remembering how long it is. Insomnia is a common disorder that consists in the inability to fall asleep or in the subversion of the usual rhythms of sleep. To cause it is often stress, especially those of a psycho-social type (such as conflictual relationships […]

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yoga for swimmers

Best Yoga Poses For Swimmers.

Due to the increasing awareness nowadays, and the quest for better performance, many athletes have included yoga in their daily routines. Not only is it the best way to achieve mental peace but it also strengthens your muscles. Many different sports are now including yoga in their training sessions, and swimming is one of them! The most […]

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