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Hello and welcome. This is Ned. Founder and Editor in chief at Daddy of Steel. An obsessive runner and a passionate cyclist currently training for my first triathlon. However little time back things were not like that.

Ned from daddy of steel

I wish I had some sexy story to inspire you all, that how I turned: 

From This

from this

To This

to this

But that's not the case.

But a few months back I was something like this ;

A 34-year-old father of two. Who got lost in job, kids, bills, and Netflix. Trying to forget who I was and what I am becoming and ending up building more belly fat (to be exact 30% of body fat). During that period I hated every bit of myself for it. I was desperate, eager, unsatisfied and deep down a loser.

From a year or so things started to change and change for good. Nothing happened overnight or so drastically that I may notice what clicked and what not. But now when I look back I notice there were 3 major things that changed it all.

  • 1
    Despite me believing otherwise I actually never gave up on myself. Even knowing the obvious outcome I always set the alarm for 5.am to hit the snooze button one more time. I refreshed my membership one more time, for the gym I never went consecutively for a week.
  • 2
    I started filtering out the good recommendations from the quick, flashy and sell-able recommendations.Trust me there are no magic pills or a fitness/diet plan to lose 21 pounds in a week.
  • 3
    I realized that chasing for healthy habits is b#|| $h!+. If you really want to change,focus on lifestyle not habits.

Change is either absolute or not. Rests are just failed attempts which lasts from 2 to five days and ends up in more demotivation.

You can never eat salads for lunch on a daily basis while remaining the same person. Or just gave up on smoking while keeping the same lifestyle which you had been being a smoker.

Well let me elaborate it further by asking you some questions;

What is the most popular fruit of the world?
Yes, you guessed it right….it's Apples.

What is the second most consumed fruit in U.S?

Again, apples.

Not only this, apples are among the top ten most widely available fruit in the world.

Ok now,

What is the most common health quote you have heard?

Yes, you right again ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away'.

Well despite its popularity and availability. In neither my life nor any of one whom I know has ever found a person who eats an apple daily.

You know why,?

because eating an apple might be a healthy habit but our lifestyle never provides us an enabling environment to nurture/ flourish this habit.

If broaden this phenomenon, all the people who are overweight or want to achieve any specific health, fitness goals don't you think they already know what is need to be done?

If you haven't yet, just go and type ‘how to get fit' or ‘how to lose weight' in your search bars and within a millisecond you will get millions of results suggesting something like 60 jumping jacks, 40 squats, 20 pushups and 10 lunges.

That's it,

But the question is. Is it really so simple? 

Nike for over decades now has literally been shouting to each and every individual on this face of the earth ‘just do it'. But how many did and how many do.

Bottom line if you want to change and change for good, change everything from the scratch. All the building blocks have to go down get re-shuffled and then rebuild properly and strongly.

Don't just get up early, go to bed early. Not just go bed early have a light dinner and have it early. Not only have a light dinner have a healthy evening snack.

These basic steps are so obvious yet so rarely discussed. And that is why I felt there is a need for 'Daddy of Steel'.

To share so many insights with no fluff which I learn by trial and error of literally over decades.
And for sake of not getting carried away in years to come, we set out some clear principles first which we will strive to abide till we survive.

  • Provide information backed by science.
  • Not to commit any unrealistic results.
  • Write for regular people with busy lives.
  • Provide you solutions that are practical and sustainable.

Just to make it clear what we meant by the last point let me give you an example.

It has been scientifically proven that daily exercise enhances your productivity.

It has also been proven that a good night sleep enhances productivity by an hour.

Then what do think is a more practical and sustainable advice?

  1. A blog which suggests some form 12 mins jumping jacks
  2. Or a blog that suggests 12 mins of a hot bath before going to bed.

    Give it a thought.

    And let's start our journey from here.
    Thanks .